Ring of Fire Episode 02/22/2015

Below is a Ring of Fire full episode from 02/22/2015.

00:50 – Peter Mougey will explain how the banking industry has become the “new mafia” in America, and why they are never held accountable for their crimes. #BigBankMafia

11:06 – Howard Nations will discuss the dangers of the dietary supplement industry, and why you should be skeptical about their “miracle” products. #SupplementDangers

18:57 – Farron Cousins explains how a former lawyer for the fossil fuels industry became a judge and subsequently dismissed a $50 billion lawsuit against her former clients. #DirtyJudges

31:35 – Other News – Brian Williams, etc.

Ring of Fire

(Video is 54 minutes long.)

Ring of Fire Full Episode – 02/15/2015

00:50 – Howard Nations discusses how Republican-controlled states are becoming full of corruption and incompetence.

09:12 – Radio host David Pakman explains President Obama’s proposal to provide two years of cost-free community college to American citizens.

17:34 – Brendan Fischer from PR Watch in Madison, Wisconsin discusses the latest details on the Scott Walker John Doe investigation. #WalkerInvestigation

25:59 – David Haynes goes over the dangers of the blood monitoring system Alere Inratio, and about the overall failures of the FDA in recent years. #BigPharmaGoneWild

Ring of Fire

(Video 56 minutes long)