Cheney Still Popular Among The GOP

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which focuses on electing Republicans to the U.S. House, asked Mitt Romney to headline its March fundraising event recently.

It is reportedly the committee’s biggest fundraiser of the year, states Politico.  For whatever reason, Romney declined.

So, the NRCC moved on to its second choice: former Vice President Dick Cheney. The fallback speaker seems to have worked out well, states The Hill.

The National Republican Congressional Committee brought in $17.5 million at its annual fundraising dinner featuring former Vice President Cheney, sources told The Hill.

“That take is larger than the election-year total NRCC brought in when it had former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a headliner last year,” reports The Hill.

The NRCC’s take in 2014 – an election year – was $15 million, and the fundraiser was considered a successful, states MSNBC.

This year isn’t an election year.  The NRCC was stuck with a failed and ethically questionable V.P. as the headliner, and the party raised more than $17 million.

The Hill’s report stated, “The total shows the controversial former vice president is still a big draw in GOP circles.”

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