Building In New York To Have Apartments For $100 Million

According to, the SHoP-designed “skinny minny” apartment building at 111 West 57th Street will have condos in the Nine-Digit Club.

According to filings obtained from the Attorney General’s office, the most expensive units in the 1,421-foot tower, developed by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group, will ask around $100 million, writes  The preliminary price list shows that there will be homes available in the “landmarked” Steinway Hall, as well as the tower. The “landmark units” will be smaller and cheaper, starting at $1 million for a studio, while the “tower units” will start at $13 million for a three-bedroom.

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Are The Wars In The Middle East Expensive?

According to a new report from the Congressional Research Service, American taxpayers have shelled out roughly $1.6 trillion on war spending since 9/11.

That’s roughly $337 million a day — or nearly a quarter million dollars a minute.

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GOP Lawmakers Reject Findings Of Other GOP Lawmakers On Benghazi

Rand Paul is a conspiracy theorist: Time for the world to call him what he isAccording to MSNBC, some GOP lawmakers on the panel of the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee described the findings of their recent report on the 2012 attack in Benghazi as “definitive.”

Every question has been answered. Every conspiracy theory has been looked at.

Every House committee, every Senate committee, every State Department investigator, and every inquiry launched by independent news organizations have reached the exact same conclusion.

There may be a general feeling, even among many Republicans, that it’s time to just move on.

But that’s not going to happen. Not only is the House on track to spend at last another $1.5 million – of our money – on yet another committee, but many GOP lawmakers have decided to reject the findings of other GOP lawmakers.

Notable politicians such as Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have been rejecting the findings of the report from members of their own party.

As Simon Maloy noted, Republican senator Rand Paul even proceeded to suggest his own GOP allies may be “helping the Obama administration cover-up the truth about Benghazi.”

According to the Huffington Post, millions in taxpayer money have been spent on the several Benghazi investigations that have been conducted over the past couple of years.

Fox News On Gas Prices

According to sources, Fox News has officially criticized Obama for making gas prices too cheap, whereas when gas prices were higher, Fox New would complain about gas being to expensive.

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The Cost Of Flying The F-15

f-15Recently, the pentagon decided to cut the 65th Aggressor Squadron, the United States Air Force F-15 unit that mimics enemy fighters like the Russian Su-27.  This squadron was used for training, playing the adversary role in dogfights.

The reason was the cost.  According to Time Magazine, the cost per flight-hour for some military jets is gigantic.  The F-15 costs roughly $41,921 per flight hour. (This includes fuel and maintenance costs.)

By comparison, the  F-16 costs $22,514.

Some European fighter jets like the SAAB JAS 39 Gripen have costs closer to that of the F-16.

The A-10 Warthog costs $17,716 per flight hour.  (It is also the subject of a budget battle at the Pentagon and may be cut to help fund the new F-35 Joint Strike fighter.)

Smaller drones like the Predator and Reaper drones cost $4000 or $5000 per flight-hour.

These costs do not include the costs of the bombs and ammunition.