What Is The Situation With Bill O’Reilly’s Falklands War Reporting?

Mother Jones

As we know, NBC Anchor Brian Williams has come under fire and has been suspended from work for 6 months due to exaggerations or outright lies he made about his time spent in the Iraq war.

What about Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly? Bill O’Reilly has told stories about his time as a war correspondent in the Falklands War in Argentina. He has stated he was in a “war zone.”

David Corn, Washington bureau chief at Mother Jones, published a report on Thursday claiming that Bill O’Reilly was nowhere near the fighting between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

O’Reilly’s former colleagues at CBS News apparently told the left-leaning magazine that no American correspondents reached the war zone, but were 1200 miles away in Buenos Aires, according to Yahoo! News.

“Nobody from CBS got to the Falklands. I came close. We’d been trying to get somebody down there. It was impossible,” said Bob Schieffer, CBS News’ lead Falklands War correspondent at the time. “For us, you were a thousand miles from where the fighting was. So we had some great meals.”