Did Freddie Gray Have A Switchblade Or A Pocket Knife?


CNN talks to Felicia Pearson, who portrayed “Snoop” on the television series “The Wire” about the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.  Pearson refers to Gray having a “pocket knife,” which is not illegal.  However, a spring-loaded “switchblade” knife is.

Last month, Baltimore City police wrote in court documents that Freddie Gray was arrested “without force or incident” for having a “switchblade knife.”

According to the Associated Press, the State’s Attorney of Baltimore Marilyn Mosby states that the knife was not a switchblade and was legal.

The knife was found “clipped to Gray’s pants pocket,” states the Associated Press.

NBC called the knife a “folding knife” that was folded in.  In other words, it was a pocket knife.

NBC:  “Mosby says the knife was not a switchblade, but was ‘folded in,’ which is legal under Maryland law.”

The police account of the knife is provided in charging documents filed in District Court, where officer Garrett Miller wrote that Gray was stopped because he “fled unprovoked upon noticing police presence.”

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