Was The Mayweather-Pacquiao Match The ‘Disappointment Of The Century?’


It was supposed to be the “fight of the century,” but some boxing fans are feeling a bit disappointed after Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas Saturday night.

MSNBC and Telemundo’s Armando Alvarez take a look at it.

Washington D.C. Legalizes Marijuana, House Republicans Promise A Fight

The new mayor of the nation’s capital was hoping to get along with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Instead, they’ve threatened her with prison and she has accused them of acting like bullies in a showdown over legal pot that could end up costing District of Columbia residents.

Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser defied threats from Congress by implementing a voter-approved marijuana initiative on Thursday, making the city the only place east of the Mississippi River where people can legally grow and share marijuana in private.

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Did Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert ‘Damage Our Ability To Fight Terrorism?’

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert “damaged our ability to fight terrorism.”


“Every night for whatever number of years, seven years, six years, Comedy Central, Stewart, Colbert, you name it, Bush lied. The mainstream media, every day, every week, Bush lied. What did that do? In the minds of young skulls full of mush, it turn around the Iraq war into a joke, number one. It turned Bush into a joke. It turned the country into a joke, and it told everybody that everything we were doing over there was illegitimate because we had no business being there, that there was no terrorism.”

But the issue is that the U.S. attacked the wrong country after 9/11.

Is Rush Limbaugh hypocritical?

Limbaugh claimed that “John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are guilty of criticizing the president,” referring to President Bush.

Cenk Uygur, host of TYT Network, gives his opinion on it.

TYT Network

Brawl In Turkish Paliament

Turkish lawmakers got into an fight during the first day of debate over a homeland security bill, with people throwing office chairs and gavels, leaving five people seriously injured.

The fighting took place early on Wednesday, February 18th, during a closed-door session as opposition political parties proposed motions to delay the beginning of their debate, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

Lawmaker Mahmut Tanal, who was hit, described the fighting as unprecedented.

According to lawmaker Ertugrul Kurkcu, the fighting legislators threw chairs and used the assembly’s gavel and bell to hit others.

The brawl comes amid tensions between the opposition and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) over the security bill that the government is pushing for an approval, according to Press TV.

Press TV: “Under the bill, which was presented to the parliament last month, the prime minister of the country and other cabinet ministers would be able to shut down websites for reasons including ‘national security’ without a court order.

“The legislation would also expand certain powers of the police, which would allow officers to conduct searches during protests and to detain people for up to 48 hours without a prosecutor’s authorization. In addition, the police would be permitted to use firearms to prevent an attack in public against people using Molotov cocktails or other similar weapons.”

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Mr. Incredible Convicted Of Brawl With Bat-girl

A man who wears a Mr. Incredible costume to entertain tourists on Hollywood Boulevard was convicted Tuesday of punching and body-slamming a Batgirl-clothed woman during a fight last year.

Muhammet Bilik, 35, was convicted of battery and sentenced to a day in jail, three years probation, 20 days of Caltrans work and 36 anger-management classes in connection with the Oct. 22 attack that was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube, according to the L.A. Times.

This was just the latest in a series of Hollywood Boulevard cartoon characters behaving badly, according to the L.A. Times.

Consider these incidents:

2005: Elmo, another Mr. Incredible and the villain from the “Scream” movies were arrested on suspicion of aggressive panhandling.

2007: LAPD officers arrested Chewbacca on suspicion of head-butting a tour guide. (Headline: “The Force Is All Over Chewbacca.”)

2009: Batman and Robin sought the help of police to deal with run-ins with CD vendors.

2011: SpongeBob SquarePants was questioned by officers after an altercation with two women.

2013: Two Captain Americas and a Spider-Man got into a brawl near the Hollywood & Highland shopping complex.

Video by blurblurblur13

Fight, Shooting At Castleton Square Mall In Indianapolis

There was a large fight – possibly involving hundreds of people – and shots fired at a mall in Indianapolis.

Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis closed early Saturday after a fight broke out inside, reportedly involving hundreds of people.

Some witnesses reported hearing someone had a gun, but no one has been able to tell police they actually saw one, according to Ofc. Chris Wilburn. Shots were later fired in front of the AMC movie theater.



Big Fight At Chicago Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s

Over the years, various fights at McDonald’s have probably taken place.

But have you seen one like this?

According to WGN, a popular McDonald’s restaurant in downtown Chicago was the site of a large disturbance captured on video early Saturday.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago police confirmed that they were called to respond to a fight at the Rock ’n Roll McDonald’s in the city’s tourist-friendly River North neighborhood about 1 a.m. Saturday.

The crowd involved with the disturbance, which was captured on video and posted to YouTube, had already dispersed by the time officers arrived at the scene, DNAinfo Chicago reports.

Police officials told WGN no further investigation of the incident will take place, as only minor property damage and no injuries resulted from the altercation.



Huff Post: Right-Wing Catholics Come Up With Conspiracy Theory To Go Against Pope


NEW YORK (RNS) Was there a secret plot to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio at the papal conclave last year?

Conservative Catholics have found a conspiracy theory to explain how a relatively liberal pope was elected.

The furor stems from a behind-the-scenes account of the March 2013 conclave, presented in a new book about Pope Francis titled “The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope.”

In the last chapter of the biography, which focuses on Bergoglio’s early life in Argentina and career as a Jesuit, author Austen Ivereigh delivers an insider account of how a group of cardinals who wanted a reformer pope quietly sought to rally support for Bergoglio in the days leading up to the conclave.

The problem is:  isn’t it normal to rally support for your favorite candidate?

Ivereigh called Francis’ boosters “Team Bergoglio.” They were led by reform-minded European churchmen like Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor of England, who Ivereigh once worked for, and German prelates like Cardinal Walter Kasper, who has become a trusted theological adviser to Francis.

At one point, Ivereigh writes that members of “Team Bergoglio” sought the Argentine cardinal’s “assent” that he would not refuse the papacy if the voting turned his way.

Why would he refuse assent? Is he supposed to refuse assent? The pope before him didn’t refuse assent when he was elected.

During the 2005 conclave, Bergoglio reportedly refused to take up the papacy when he was running second to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who would eventually be elected Pope Benedict XVI.

However, in 2013, after the resignation of Benedict, Bergoglio “said that he believed that at this time of crisis for the Church no cardinal could refuse if asked,” writes Ivereigh.

In conclaves, cardinals often signal whether they would refuse or go along with an election, if it happened.

While overt politicking is strongly discouraged, and conclave rules expressly forbid dealmaking, cardinals often coalesce in camps behind one contender or another.

When Ivereigh’s book was published last month (he personally presented a copy to Francis), media accounts of the politics of the conclave prompted some to question whether Bergoglio himself was involved by giving the go-ahead, and whether that could undermine the legitimacy of his election.

But how could a pope give the “go-ahead” for his own election?  He’s elected by others, not by himself.

Regardless, Murphy-O’Connor’s press secretary wrote a letter to a British newspaper saying that no approach had been made to Bergoglio seeking his assent.

On Dec. 1st, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, issued a statement saying the cardinals cited “have expressly denied this description of events, both in terms of the demand for a prior consent by Cardinal Bergoglio and with regard to the conduct of a campaign for his election.”

However, Ivereigh said he stands by his reporting, but he regretted phrasing the episode to make it seem that Bergoglio had been approached about being a candidate and gave his backers encouragement.

“That never happened and I am sorry that I gave the impression that’s what happened,” Ivereigh told Religion News Service. “I think the whole chapter makes clear that he never had any role at all in his own election.”

Ivereigh said he was trying to show that as opposed to the 2005 conclave, Bergoglio’s supporters in 2013 “were convinced he wouldn’t resist his election.”

“The conclave rules do not prevent cardinals from urging other cardinals to vote for a particular person,” he added. “And indeed that is exactly what happens. That is part of the discernment that happens in a papal election.”

Ivereigh said he will be changing the wording of one paragraph in future editions of the book to clarify Bergoglio’s role.

Whether that will satisfy the critics is unclear.

Palin Family: No Charges Filed Yet

Sarah Palin and Family Reportedly Involved in Brawl at Party

It seems that no charges have yet been filed against the Palin family or others in the backwoods altercation at a snowmobile party in Anchorage, Alaska, on Sept. 6.

“[Bristol] was punching [another man] in the face like six times; it was an assault if I’ve ever seen one,” Eric Thompson, a guest at the celebration, told ABC News, adding, “It wasn’t a light punch either. She was really hitting him.”

The Washington Post reports that the Palins arrived at the house party in a stretch Hummer limousine, and “it wasn’t long after that things started going horribly wrong,” one guest tells Alaska political blogger Amanda Coyne.

Guests told Coyne that the melee began when the former vice presidential candidate’s eldest son, Track, 25, allegedly confronted his sister Willow’s ex-boyfriend, who was a guest at the shindig. When the host of the party, Korey Klingenmeyer, tried to break up the skirmish, Thompson told Coyne that 23-year-old Bristol “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face.”

Another guest claims the former governor was shouting profanities and “nearly crawling on top of people” to get into the fight.

Guests reportedly hear Sarah scream, “Don’t you know who I am?” to which someone in the crowd replied, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!”

By the time the Palins climbed back into their limo, sources told the Washington Post that Track had lost a tooth and the Palin family patriarch, Todd – who was celebrating his 50th birthday that day and, according to The New York Times, was also said to have gotten involved in the skirmish – was bleeding from the nose.

Police were called to the scene, and the Anchorage Police Department said in a statement to the Times that “alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the incident” and the investigation was continuing. Although no charges have been filed yet, the police department’s communications director Jennifer Castro confirms to The Immoral Minority blog that the case is currently “under investigation.”

The Palin family is not commenting on the widespread reports of the fight but in a Facebook message the day after the alleged altercation Sarah said she was posting her husband’s birthday greeting a day late because she’d been “traveling” on Saturday, the day of the party.