Classic Video: Ben Stein Argues For Higher Taxes For The Wealthy On Fox News

Majority Report

A few years ago, Ben Stein played the voice of reason on the show Fox and Friends, explaining that to lower the deficit, taxes must be raised on the rich. For the most part, his ideas were met by blank stares on the faces of the Fox News hosts.

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Who Is Jonathan Gruber?

Jonathan Gruber is one of the developers of the health care bill that became the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Videos have surfaced in which he makes questionable comments about the American voter and the ACA.  The video has caused a massive stir among right-wing conservatives.

How important were his comments?

Sam Seder takes a look.

Fox & Friends On Trickle Down Economics

Does “trickle down economics” work?

Mainstream media is trying to manufacture a scandal out of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent argument against trickle-down economics by stripping her comments of context. ┬áThe video also mentions the Keystone XL pipeline.

Kyle Kulinski video.

Fox News: George W. Bush On ISIS Threat, Secret Service Shakeup

A recent Fox News’ “Fox And Friends” segment with ex-president Bush was a type of “political Rorschach test.”

It seemed like Republicans would watch the segment and come away thinking “The man’s a GENIUS!”

Liberals would watch the same video and come away thinking, “This man is idiotic…”