Mother Files Lawsuit, Blames Son’s Employer For His Suicide

According to Yahoo Parenting, last July, a 22-year old committed suicide three days after he was fired without warning from the Pasadena Target where he worked.

His mother, Virginia Gentles, is calling for Target to take responsibility for a role in his death. In the wrongful death lawsuit Gentles filed against Target in L.A., she alleges that the company engaged in intentional infliction of emotional distress toward her son, who had Asperger’s Syndrome, negligence and false imprisonment as part of a company practice of subjecting employees to a “walk of shame” before they are fired.

“The walk of shame is a Target policy to purposely cause shame, embarrassment and emotional distress to any Target employee who is suspected of stealing from Target,” the suit, filed last Thursday, states, according to NBC Los Angeles.

She claims that her son was wrongfully accused of stealing.

”The policy consists of employees being arrested and paraded in handcuffs through the Target store in full view of co-workers and customers.”

The suit alleges that’s exactly what happened on July 15, 2014 to Gentles, who was released and not charged with any crime.

His mother alleges that the true reason for his firing was a verbal altercation Gentles had with another employee, off-site, months prior.