Greenwald: Dick Cheney Should Be In Prison

Glenn Greenwald (Still from YouTube video/IamNews)

Glenn Greewald is a journalist who became widely known after The Guardian published the first reports of United States and British global surveillance programs that were based on classified documents disclosed by Edward Snowden.  Greenwald worked on the first articles about Snowden.

According to HuffPost, Greenwald responded to Dick Cheney’s recent “Meet The Press” appearance with a blistering critique that indicted both Cheney and President Obama.

“The reason why Dick Cheney is able to go on ‘Meet The Press’ instead of being where he should be — which is in the dock at The Hague or in a federal prison — is because President Obama and his administration made the decision not to prosecute any of the people who implemented this torture regime despite the fact that it was illegal and criminal,” Greenwald said.