Another Look At The Net Neutrality Critic Louie Gohmert

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During the last in a two-week marathon of appearances by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler before lawmakers to defend his agency’s net neutrality rules, Louie Gohmert got a chance to voice his opinion.

“Gohmert (R-Tex.), an outspoken critic of the agency’s rules that prevent Internet providers from blocking Web sites or speeding some of them up over others, exploded during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday,” stated The Washington Post.

“His voice rising to a shout, Gohmert threw a stream of accusations at Wheeler, complaining that the FCC had cut off Internet providers’ ability to find new ways of making money,” states The Post.

“Before the FCC came in, everybody could explore new business models,” Gohmert said. “You’re playing God with the Internet … That’s not your job.”

Majority Report gives its take on it.

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Do Some Right-Wingers Want To Bomb Iran?

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Iran is fighting against ISIS in the Middle East, and backing Shia militias to help in the fight against ISIS.  Does this make Iran our ally?

That doesn’t matter to Louie Gohmert, who on Fox News said again that he would like to bomb Iran.

Louie Gohmert Wants To Bomb Iran

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Make no mistake, the politicians who are in power make a difference. If right-wing Representative Louie Gohmert were president, we would soon be bombing Iran.

Huh? Rep. Louie Gohmert To Challenge Boehner For Position Of Speaker Of The House?

According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas tea party Rep. Louie Gohmert declared that he will challenge Speaker John Boehner for the position of Speaker of the House.

The Dallas Morning News: “In a statement issued by his office early Sunday, Gohmert said the November elections, in which Republicans gained control of the Senate and padded their House majority, should have emboldened the Speaker to get tough on President Barack Obama.

“’Voters made clear they wanted change,’ he said. Instead, he added, Boehner ‘forced through the CRomnibus’ – a far-reaching spending bill – ‘by passing it with Democratic votes and without time to read it.’”

Gohmert is widely reviled by Democrats as not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

In the video above, Gohmert states that the Democrats are the “Party of No.”

Secular Talk video.