The Pope Offers Free Haircuts To Homeless People

Sources claim that along with Catholic mass and words from the pope, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome will also soon be offering haircuts and shaves for the homeless.

Starting in mid-February, barbers in Rome will offer volunteer snipping services for those without permanent shelter every Monday. That’s the day in Italy where barbers and hairdressers close shop.

The move comes as the Vatican has almost finished installing showers and toilets for the homeless among the towering colonnades that wrap around St. Peter’s Square. A dozen other churches throughout Rome have followed after the Vatican announced the move.

The program will rely heavily on donated razors, scissors, and other equipment, much of which has already been given to the Holy See.

Pope Francis’s Almoner Konrad Krajewski, the Vatican’s point person on giving to the poor, was inspired to launch the initiatives after a homeless man named Franco initially declined to have dinner with him.

Franco explained it was because he smelled and had no where to get clean. “Here no one starves to death,” he told Krajewski. “You can find a sandwich every day. But there is no place to use the toilet and wash.”

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