Reagan-Era Conservative Buchanan Disagrees With Fox News’ Sean Hannity On Iran

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“Old-Time” conservative Pat Buchanan “gets it” about Iran and the fight against ISIS.

The fight in Iraq is the Sunni rebel ISIS against Iran-backed Shia Muslims.

Buchanan was a senior advisor to Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, according to Wikipedia.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity doesn’t seem to understand the situation on the ground in the Middle East.  He apparently wants the United States to fight both sides in the battle of Sunni rebel ISIS vs. Iran-backed Shia. The U.S. has to pick a side – hopefully the lesser of two evils.

In World War II, you wouldn’t fight both the Nazis AND Britain.  You pick a side.  Hannity doesn’t seem to get it.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Interviews British Politician Nigel Farage

Russell Brand

Are there “no-go zones” in Europe?

Russell Brand looks at Sean Hannity’s interview with Nigel Farage in which Hannity said there are no-go zones for non-Muslims in France – an allegation that the French embassy has strongly denied.

The fact-checking site “Snopes” states that the claim that there are “no-go zones” operating under Sharia Law in Europe and the U.S. is false.

Sean Hannity / Imam Anjem Choudary Full Interview From January 7th, 2015

Sean Hannity of Fox News has interviewed the controversial British imam Anjem Choudary three times (at least).

Recently, in the aftermath of the Paris shooting he brought on and interviewed the controversial imam.

According to Wikipedia: “Anjem Choudary is a British Muslim social and political activist. He was previously a solicitor and served as the chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and, until it was proscribed, as the spokesman for Islamist group, Islam4UK.

“Born in the UK in 1967, Anjem Choudary is the son of a Welling market trader and is of Pakistani descent. He attended Mulgrave Primary School, in Woolwich. He enrolled as a medical student at the University of Southampton, where he was known as Andy, but after excessive partying, failed his first-year exams.”

Wikipedia states there were claims that Choudary was a “party animal” who joined his friends in “getting stoned” in his younger days.


Hannity Vs. Jorge Ramos On Immigration

Can the government help Americans while also helping immigrants?

Jorge Ramos Ávalos is a Mexican journalist and author based in Miami, Florida who anchors the Univision news television program Noticiero Univision, hosts the Univision Sunday-morning political news program Al Punto, and hosts the Fusion TV English-language program America with Jorge Ramos.

A day after confronting President Obama on immigration, Jorge Ramos faced off with Sean Hannity on the same issue, telling Hannity he shouldn’t be condemning all the immigrants whose work he benefits from.

Secular Talk video.

Legacy Video: Funny Exchange Between Hannity And Leo Terrell

Hannity’s racial theatrics were bested by civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who outmugged Hannity with silence.  Strange how “liberal” Colmes presses Terrell as much as Hannity.

From the 6/9/08 Hannity & Colmes.

Fox News video.

Fox News Unscripted Interview With Rep. Keith Ellison

“Archive Video”

This is why Fox News often “interviews” their own people; their commentators, contributors, and analysts. The interviews with people outside of their organization often descend into chaos – especially with liberals.

One would think that – by definition – Fox News is not “fair and balanced,” because usually only the interviews with liberals descend into chaos.

Below is a video from February 2013 of Rep. Keith Ellison being “interviewed” by Sean Hannity.