Texas Ranger Chuck-Norris Kicks Stopped Motorcyclist

The Young Turks

We have a real life Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger situation on our hands. A cop in Texas Chuck-Norris kicked a surrendering suspect after a 40 mile high-speed motorcycle chase, which knocked him off his motorcycle. The Texas Ranger had also fired at the suspect from a moving police car and shot him in the leg.

Karamo Brown and Becca Frucht show dashcam video of the attack and discuss it on The Young Turks.

Texas Mother Pulls Gun On Student

A mother pulled a gun on a female student after the student got into a fight with her daughter, according to the Pasadena, Texas, Independent School District, according to click2houston.com.

PISD said the two students were fighting at a park across the street from Pasadena High School Tuesday when Viridiana Alvarez took out a gun.  Pasadena ISD police broke up the fight before anyone was seriously injured.

Hours after the fight, cellphone video and pictures surfaced of the altercation that appeared to show Alvarez pointing a gun at the teen’s head.  Alvarez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

“I don’t think a grown woman should be taking a gun where kids are,” said the victim’s grandmother. “I think it’s wrong.”

During her first appearance in court Alvarez, 33, told the judge that she wasn’t planning to shoot the girl with the pistol, only “scare her.”   Her family told KPRC2 that the gun was not loaded.

“Yeah but still,” said the victim’s grandmother.  “It’s not right to take (out) a gun.”

Jordan Baker

Who is Jordan Baker?

Last January, Jordan Baker, an unarmed black man, was in northwest Houston when he was shot and killed by police.

On Tuesday, Dec. 23, a Harris County grand jury cleared the HPD officer in the shooting death of Baker.

The Houston Police Department said Baker, 26, was looking in windows when police officer Juventino Castro approached him.

Baker, a Houston Community College student, struggled, ran away, and then allegedly put his hands in his waistband and charged toward Castro. That’s when the officer shot and killed him.

TYT video.

Photo Blog: Odd Lights Over Houston

The photos are from on or around August 12th.

Pictures posted on Twitter earlier this week show something floating through the skies over the Houston area.

Pictures posted on Twitter earlier this week show something floating through the skies over the Houston area.

Houston UFO

One person thought he found a reason:

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UFO or reflection of the lamp post in a strange trick of light?

UFO Houston

But they don’t all seem to be streetlights.

Several papers, including The Houston Chronicle, reported on it.

A local TV channel, an NBC affiliate, KPRC Channel 2, did a couple of pieces on it.



OK, Fine would like to hear more about it if anyone out there knows about it.