What Is The Deal With HSBC Bank?

HSBC launders billions for global terrorists and cartels, according to Majority Report.

British lawmakers plan to call up the bosses of HSBC and the tax authority, HMRC, to ask them about allegations that some clients of HSBC’s Swiss private bank evaded tax, according to Reuters.

HSBC Chairman Douglas Flint and HMRC Chief Executive Lin Homer are expected to appear on Feb. 25 before the Treasury Committee of lawmakers, who watch over the financial industry.

According to Reuters, HSBC admitted failings in compliance and controls in its Swiss private bank after media reports alleged it helped wealthy customers conceal millions of dollars of assets in a period up to 2007.

Majority Report

ISIS, British, and U.S. Involvement In Terrorism

Ramtanu Maitra discusses the British and American game of manipulating terrorism towards their own political benefit – from Afghanistan to ISIS and the current wave of fear being peddled to the masses.

We learn why when the wheel of terror spins the west always ends up the winner, how the Saudis interests are being protected, and how London has become a new breeding ground for terrorism that has destabilized the middle east in this conversation hosted by Sean Stone.

Ramtanu Maitra is the head of EIR’s South Asia and Afghanistan desk. He is also an Associate Editor of the 21st Century Science and Technology, a science and tech quarterly magazine published from Washington. Maitra is also the founding member of the Delhi-based SASFOR, a strategic analysis group and contributes regularly to two Indian defense and security-related quarterly journals—Aakrosh and Agni.

Video by The Lip TV.