Ebola-Free Doctor Released From Hospital: Score One For Obama?

After all of the blaming, quarantining, and media treachery, the last U.S. Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, was released from Bellevue Hospital in New York this morning.

He took the opportunity to remind everyone the real crisis is in West Africa.

Video by New York Daily News.

The Last Known Case Of Ebola In The U.S. Is Getting Better: Will Republicans Give Obama Credit?

Dr.CraigSpencer1Dr. Craig Spencer is the only confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.  The New York City doctor is continuing to improve and has been playing the banjo in his hospital room, hospital officials said Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the city Health and Hospitals Corporation says Dr. Spencer requested the banjo and an exercise bike and has been using both.

He has been in an isolation room at Bellevue Hospital since Oct. 23.

The agency’s president, Dr. Ram Raju, said Spencer “continues to be stable and making good progress.”

Spencer tested positive for Ebola after treating patients in the West African nation of Guinea with Doctors Without Borders.

Spencer’s condition was upgraded from serious to stable over the weekend, and Raju said Thursday that officials hope Spencer’s isolation can be lifted soon.

His fiancée, Morgan Dixon, is in quarantine at the couple’s Manhattan apartment. Quarantine has been lifted for friends who had socialized with the couple.

Other people in the U.S. are being monitored for possible Ebola.

Most of those are travelers who arrived within the past 21 days from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone, the three Ebola-affected countries.

So, after media outcry, hysteria, and blame, will people now give President Obama credit that no more Ebola cases have spread?

More Ebola Hysteria: Teacher Who Visited Kenya Quits

A teacher at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Louisville, KY, who had recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya has resigned amid swirling frustration and fears about Ebola.

The school had asked Susan Sherman to take a paid “precautionary leave” of absence of 21 days upon her return from her trip after “strong parent concerns” about Ebola. It also asked Sherman, who is a registered nurse, to provide a doctor’s note stating she was in good health.

There have been no reported cases of Ebola in Kenya. Indeed, the archdiocese, in a statement released last month regarding Sherman’s trip, noted that the Kenyan village where Sherman was working — the remote village of Migori — is “in Eastern Africa, thousands of miles from West Africa, where the main outbreak of the virus is located.”

Rachel Maddow: Stark Partisan Contrast In Ebola Response

Congressman Darrell Issa (R, CA) calls Guinea “Guyana” and Ebola “E.boli.” Video by Rachel Maddow.

Right Wingers Promote ‘Ebola Hysteria’

Dr. Kent Brantly first arrived in the U.S. with Ebola on August 2nd.

The disease Ebola is serious, but are there politicians who are stoking the Ebola flames for political gain?

WND contributor Larry Klayman uses the Ebola hysteria to criticize the president and claim that he is racist against white people.

Sam Seder video.

Recent Ebola Hysteria

A teacher in Maine was put on a 21-day leave because she had recently been to Dallas.

Also, two elementary school children are being kept from attending school in New Jersey because they recently moved to the U.S. from Rwanda.

However, Rwanda is in East Africa, 2,600 miles from the West Africa region afflicted by the Ebola outbreak.

Video by Kyle Kulinski.