Do You Want This Politician Making Decisions About Healthcare?


Vito Barbieri has been a Republican Idaho State Representative since 2010, representing District 2 in the A seat, according to Wikipedia.

Barbieri seemed to think that by swallowing a tiny camera, doctors would be able to determine the state of a woman’s pregnancy.

He also wondered if a colonoscopy could be performed with a drug.

9-Year-Old Arrested Over Stolen Chewing Gum

The Post Falls, Idaho, Chief of Police says he was very surprised when an arrest warrant landed on his desk earlier this week. The warrant was for a “failure to appear,” not uncommon. But the perpetrator was a nine-year old boy.

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Idaho Shooting Spree: 4 Shot, 3 Dead

4 shot, 3 dead in Moscow, Idaho

Four people have been shot and three are dead after a series of shootings in the town of Moscow, Idaho.

The City of Moscow Police Department has released the names of the victims. Three people have died including 76-year-old Moscow businessman David Trail, Arby’s restaurant manager Belinda Niebuhr,47, and the suspect’s adoptive mother and Moscow Family Medicine Physician’s Assistant Terri Grzebielski, who was 61 years old.

The suspect has been identified as Moscow resident John Lee.

Police believe Lee shot Grzebieski at her residence in the 400 block of Veatch Street in Moscow.

Another shooting happened at the offices of Northwest Mutual Life Insurance at 303 E Third Street in Moscow. Trail and Michael Chin were shot by Lee during that encounter and Trail was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital and declared dead when he arrived.

Chin was taken to Gritman Medical Center and is currently listed in critical condition.

The third shooting happened at an Arby’s restaurant in Moscow. Police say Lee entered the restaurant, asked for the manager, and opened fire with a weapon. Neibuhr was taken to Gritman Medical Center and was declared dead.

Lee left the scene in a black Honda and was taken into custody and booked into Whitman County jail after a high-speed pursuit.

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Halloween Display Features President Obama’s Decapitated Head

article imageOn a rural road in Canyon County, Idaho, you can find a scary yard decked out for Halloween.

In the yard you can also see the President’s head on a stick as part of the Halloween decorations.

Richard Piersol said he enjoys decorating for Halloween and this year he wanted his political views known.

“I’ve got the Grim Reaper on the ATV, and Obama’s head is on the spear and he has been decapitated.

“It’s like free speech. I am pretty much saying I don’t like his politics, and I don’t like him. That’s it,” Piersol told CBS affiliate KBOI2.

The Canyon County Sheriff’s department said Piersol is not breaking any laws with the display, and some officers have shown him their support.

“I’ve had three police officers stop and take pictures and give me the thumbs up,” Piersol said.

CBS reports Piersol’s display was inspired by his opposition to President Obama.

In terms of racial prejudice, Piersol says his decorations have nothing to do with race.

“I’ve got a couple of African American friends of mine that have given me more ideas to put out there to make it look gorier. And it’s like ‘no, I don’t want to do that. That might offend somebody,'” Piersol said.

Eric Gonzales, who works for CBS Affiliate KBOI2 in Idaho, claims he called the Secret Service and asked what they think of it, and they told him that “they will look into it.”

Piersol’s neighbors have not complained about him featuring President Obama’s head on a stick in the display, but one parent did have to answer a question raised by his son.

“My son asked me if it was a little bit prejudice towards certain individuals, say maybe the president because it has a head over there with a machete, I said no I don’t think it’s directed towards anybody,” explained local resident Wally Lester. “ think it just happens to be that situation the way they put it together.”

Idaho Renames I-84 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway

The state of Idaho has found a concrete way to recognize Vietnam War veterans in a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

On Tuesday, the state officially declared the I-84 highway in Idaho as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway.

“It goes further than a thank you. This really is an act of appreciation,” said Capt. Henry Parker, commander of the Idaho Department of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.