Is ISIS Still Coming Across Our Border?

And whatever happened to “terror babies?”

Several Republicans, including Representative Duncan Hunter and Representative Jason Chaffetz, announced a few months ago that ISIS is crossing our southern border. Unfortunately, they offered very little evidence, besides claiming “the Border Patrol” told them, without giving specifics.

A few years ago, Representative Louie Ghomert gave a story about “terror babies” being raised in the U.S. ¬†Anderson Cooper interviews him over it.

Fox News: Claims Of Terrorists Crossing The Border

Jason Chaffetz makes “blanket assertions” about people crossing the border with “ties to known terrorist organizations in the Middle East.” Later Chaffetz states they are people with “known ties to a terrorist country” or “known ties from a Middle Eastern country.”

The segment gives no names, no specifics. Not that it’s impossible, but at least give names, dates, specifics, photographs, mug-shots, etc.