Bill O’Reilly Talks About His Own Movie As News

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Recently, on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News program “The Factor,” the news O’Reilly talked about was…his own book and movie.

He defended allegations that his book was a “Tea Party version” of Jesus’ life (per the British newspaper The Guardian).

Here is the full paragraph from The Guardian:

“These specials usually put O’Reilly’s patented conservative slant on retellings of history, something that wouldn’t really sit well with Christians. The book fell into this trap, presenting salacious detail about Christ’s death and a Tea Party version of the son of God. Some claimed it was inaccurate (a recent charge against some of O’Reilly’s reporting, too). And the criticism isn’t only coming from the left. The movie was not without controversy among some conservative Christians for another reason: the man cast to play Jesus, Haaz Sleiman, was raised Muslim.”


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Does Jesus Love Snipers?

Michael Moore continued his criticism of American snipers — if not necessarily American Sniper — by suggesting that Jesus would not approve of shooting “savages” in the back.

The tweets drew the attention of Fox News’ Todd Starnes, who decided to respond in his “American Dispatch” online video series.

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GOP To Cut Social Security Disability Payments

Social Security advocates are accusing House Republicans of launching a “sneak attack” on disability insurance on the very first day of the new Congress.

The House on Tuesday passed legislation laying out parliamentary rules for the year. The bill included a little-noticed provision blocking Congress from shifting funds to prevent a 2016 shortfall in Social Security’s disability insurance program.

The Social Security Administration’s actuaries projected that the disability insurance program’s trust fund will run out of money next year, resulting in a 20 percent benefit reduction for nearly 11 million Americans.

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Starbucks Exorcism In Austin, TX ?

Odd:  at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas, a man films an exorcism on video.

The video was originally posted on YouTube by a user named Umgar.   It has since been taken down.  The publication mySA put out an article on it.

Pastor Joel Osteen Says He Believes The President Is A Christian

Wolf Blitzer sat down with pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen to discuss religion and politics. Blitzer also revealed that 18% of Americans believe the President is a Muslim.

Blitzer asks the question at roughly the 2:35 mark.

Does 18% seem high or low?

CNN video from April 2012.