Eagles Look At Guard John Moffitt

Will the Philadelphia Eagles hire offensive guard John Moffitt?  Coach Chip Kelly’s words and actions are sending two different messages, writes ESPN.com.

The coach’s words indicate that Kelly is comfortable with Allen Barbre, Matt Tobin and Andrew Gardner as possible replacements for the guards that Kelly released.

Since Evan Mathis left with Todd Herremans this month, Kelly has tried to add veteran guards to the Eagles’ lineup.

According to a report by FoxSports.com, the Eagles are interested in signing guard John Moffitt, who retired from the NFL two years ago.  Moffitt was a third-round draft choice of the Seattle Seahawks in 2011, and he announced that he was returning to football last week.

NFL.com writes: “John Moffitt, a former third-round draft pick of the Seahawks, is set to sign with Philadelphia, reports Ross Jones of FOX Sports.”



McCain Calls White House Press Secretary Earnest An ‘Idiot,’ Retracts

John McCain is upset about a recent ISIS victory in Ramadi, Iraq. So angry, that he took to name calling when speaking about White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“Bodies are on fire in the streets of Ramadi as we are speaking,” McCain said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.” “[ISIS] is an evil – this is a transcendent evil that the President seems to dismiss it as ‘We’re not losing.’ ”

He then called Earnest an “idiot” for saying Tuesday, ““Are we going to light our hair on fire every time there’s a setback against ISIL?”

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer called out McCain’s name-calling, and the Arizona Republican immediately retracted.

“I’ll retract that,” he said. “It’s infuriating though to hear someone say [that]. That betrays everything that America believes in and stands for.”


Did John Kerry Make A False Statement?

Wikipedia states that The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (commonly known as the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers) is a now-defunct militant organization that was based in northern Sri Lanka.

It was founded in May 1976 by Velupillai Prabhakaran, and waged a secessionist nationalist insurgency to create an independent state in the north and east of Sri Lanka for Tamil people.

The military engagement led to the Sri Lankan Civil War, which ran from 1983 until 2009, when the LTTE was decisively defeated.

Recently, the publication Lankaweb pointed out a petition to urge John Kerry to retract a statement he made about Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers.

“In remarks made February 12, 2015, welcoming Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera to Washington, Secretary of State John Kerry referred to a war that never took place: Sri Lanka’s 30-years of war with the Tamils.” Regretfully, Minister Samaraweera failed to point out this distortion and we, the undersigned, hasten to request that it be corrected.

“Sri Lanka’s 30-year turmoil can best be summed up using President Obama’s ISIS analogy: it was a war on a terrorist group, not on the people it claimed to represent.

“The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) waged a brutal and lengthy armed campaign for a separate state, and the Sri Lankan government responded with military force, eventually eliminating it.

“Any serious effort by the US or others to help Sri Lanka on its path to further reconciliation must start with this recognition: Sri Lanka was no more at war with its Tamil population than the American people with Muslims. The distinction is fundamental to the narratives of both nations.”

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Tuesday: Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Gay Marriage

Chief Justice John Roberts, who shocked conservatives nearly three years ago by providing a pivotal vote to uphold Obamacare, will again face a historic judicial decision, states CNN.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that could decide whether gay and lesbian couples nationwide have the constitutional right to marry.  The question at the core of the Obergefell v. Hodges case is very important, and is one that is already helping to shape the 2016 presidential race.

Classic Video: Senator John McCain – ‘I Think We’ll Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction…’


The above video clip is reportedly from MSNBC Hardball from 4/23/03. McCain says, “…and I think we’ll find weapons of mass destruction as well.”

According to The Huffington Post: “…a week prior to Bush’s ‘mission accomplished’ speech, John McCain was on Chris Matthews’ Hardball where he praised the president, Rumsfeld, and the strategy and tactics used to go into Iraq.”

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Did John McCain Say Rand Paul Is The ‘Worst Possible Candidate’ To Fox News’ Neil Cavuto?

Secular Talk

Senator John McCain recently responded to Rand Paul stating that other Republicans are Obama “lapdogs” on national defense.  He discussed it with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

McCain came out swinging, declaring that Senator Paul is the “worst possible candidate of the 20 or so that are running on the most important issue, which is national security.”

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NYT: Hillary Announces Candidacy


Hillary Rodham Clinton will seek the presidency for a second time, said one of her top advisers Sunday.  It ended two years of speculation and coy denials and immediately established herself as the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

The announcement came in e-mails from John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, states the New York Times.

“I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me – it’s official: Hillary’s running for president,” the e-mail from Podesta reads. It goes on to say that Mrs. Clinton will meet with voters in Iowa and will host a formal kickoff event next month.

The announcement by Hillary’s campaign chairman began what could be one of the least contested races, without an incumbent, for the Democratic presidential nomination in recent history, according to the New York Times.  It would be a stark contrast to the 2008 primaries, when Mrs. Clinton ended up in a long and expensive battle ultimately won by Barack Obama.

John Oliver Interview With Edward Snowden

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

A huge T.V. event on Easter Sunday came and went without any fanfare whatsoever.

John Oliver, HBO’s comedy newscaster, aired a lengthy interview with none other than N.S.A. whistleblower Edward Snowden. The interview starts in the video above around the 13:45 mark.


“The comedian surprised viewers on Sunday night by revealing that he visited Russia last week and met with Snowden, who leaked a trove of documents about the American government’s mass surveillance programs to journalists in 2013.”

BBC: John Lennon’s Ex-Wife Cynthia Lennon Dies

The first wife of The Beatles’ John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, recently died at her home in Spain, her family has announced.

Cynthia and John Lennon

A message on her son Julian’s website said she died “following a short but brave battle with cancer.”  It also said: “Her son Julian Lennon was at her bedside throughout. The family are thankful for your prayers.”

Cynthia Lennon was born in Blackpool, England on September 10th, 1939.  She was 75.

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Is The President Visiting Kenya In Order To Aggravate The Right?

Sam Seder

Former GOP New Hampshire Governor and pundit John Sununu went on Fox News to explain that the only reason President Obama is going to visit Kenya is to stir up the “birthers” and aggravate the right.

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