Right-Wing Radio Host Mark Levin Rants About Latino Television Host Jorge Ramos

Apparently, Mark Levin gets paid to go on rants about Latinos and television host Jorge Ramos…

Jorge Ramos Ávalos is a Mexican journalist and author based in Miami, Florida. He anchors the Univision news television program Noticiero Univision, Al Punto, and the Fusion TV English-language program America with Jorge Ramos.

Media Matters video.

Jorge Ramos Interviews Bill O’Reilly

Jorge Ramos has been the anchorman for Noticiero Univision, on the American Spanish-language television network Univision, since 1986. He also hosts the Fusion TV English-language program, America with Jorge Ramos.

Has been called “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent and key to a huge voting bloc” by The Wall Street Journal. Time magazine included him in the list of “the 25 most influential Hispanics in the United States.”

Here he interviews Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. Notice how O’Reilly says that on certain issues he’s liberal, like the death penalty and global warming.

Ramos asked why he treats President Obama differently than he treated George W. Bush.  (OK, Fine would disagree with the comment that O’Reilly “destroyed President Obama.”)   O’Reilly said, “I gave him (Bush) the hardest questions I could give him.”

The interview was on America with Jorge Ramos.