Philadelphia Magazine On Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham issues second response to sexual abuse controversy An interesting article by Monica Weymouth in sheds some light on the Lena Dunham controversy.

In her book, Dunham describes some instances from when she was younger that border on her molesting her younger sister.

Unfortunately, in the news, some left-wing pundits are finding themselves painted into a corner.  Because conservatives feel it was bad, democrats or liberals may feel they have to defend her.  They don’t.

According to Weymouth:

“A discussion about Lena Dunham has a way of sending everyone to their respective, petty corners.

“Feminists over here. Those who are offended by imperfect nakedness, over there with Mr. Stern. Jealous writers who didn’t get a sweet advance on the book they haven’t written, right this way please (it’s getting crowded over here — watch the elbows). Casual fans who just want to relax and watch Girls? You’re a little well-adjusted for this group, but sure, there’s one corner left.”

Weymouth continues:

“If the more conservative nooks of the Internet have the tendency to ignore decency for the sake of an argument, the more liberal have a knack for brushing aside common sense. Somehow, we’ve created an environment where defenses like the Dunhams’ might fly — where if a man on the wrong side of the aisle questions why you’re masturbating next to a child, he’s the disordered one. Where if you have a college degree and can drop words like ‘heteronormativity,’ your experiences are viewed through a more forgiving lens and chalked up as quirky as opposed to abusive.

“Just because Dunham is a white woman from an upper-middle-class background doesn’t mean she gets to play by different rules. This one, ladies, is simply not your feminist cause.”

This is a perfect example of why political liberalism should be separated from cultural liberalism.  Just because the left believes in a higher minimum wage, that doesn’t mean they need to stand up for child molestation.