Glenn Beck Doesn’t Like Mike Huckabee

Right-wing radio talk show host Glenn Beck isn’t a big fan of possible presidential contender Mike Huckabee.

Back in 2011, Huckabee spoke in favor of Michelle Obama‘s child obesity programs, leading Beck to attack him for being a progressive.

Huckabee fired back and Beck retorted by claiming the ex-Fox host is using a left-wing talking point.

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Bryan Fischer: Is Obama A Muslim?

Right Wing Watch

Recently, right-wing radio host Bryan Fischer took a call from a listener who demanded to know why nobody on the American Family Radio network will declare that President Obama is not a Christian.

Fischer went on to declare that the president is not a Christian and then suggested – with no conclusive evidence – that Obama must be a Muslim because he “walks like a Muslim, talks like a Muslim, he sounds like a Muslim.”