Difficult To Pinpoint Number Of U.S. Jobs Lost Due To NAFTA

As the U.S. Congress votes on the fast-track authority for the TPP trade deal, some look to NAFTA to gauge how many jobs could be lost.

How many jobs were lost due to the NAFTA trade deal?

According to the British newspaper The Guardian:

“What makes the TPP distasteful to experts is its resemblance to the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), signed in 1994 between the US, Canada and Mexico.

“Post-Nafta, the US saw a mass exodus of jobs, with nearly 700,000 jobs offshored, 60.8% of them in manufacturing.”

The Huffington Post claimed that one million jobs were lost due to the deal.

According to Ring of Fire Radio:

“Nearly 5 million American manufacturing jobs have been lost since the implementation of NAFTA and WTO. TPP would expand on the NAFTA model. It would provide special benefits to companies that relocate abroad and eliminate risks that make companies hesitant to move to low-wage countries.”

So, according to these sources, the number of U.S. jobs lost due to NAFTA is somewhere between 700,000 and 5 million.


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