Did MLK Argue For A $15 Minimum Wage?

Kyle Kulinski

It could be argued that – taking yearly inflation into account – Martin Luther King argued for a $15.27 minimum wage, according to Kyle Kulinski.  King argued for a $2.00 minimum wage in 1963, which would be $15.27 today if one takes inflation into account.

Kulinski also states MLK was also pro-union, and was pro-healthcare.

More on MLK’s views on health care:


An article on MLK’s union views can be found here:


WND On Minimum Wage

The publication WND apparently assumes that people who work minimum wage jobs could easily get a higher paying job or become the head of the company. It never occurs to them that perhaps people want to make more money but it is difficult given the economy or their situation.

Kyle Kulinski video.

Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shop Lawsuit: Wage Theft, Broad Non-Compete Claus

There’s a lawsuit going on against Jimmy John’s (a national franchise).  They are accused of wage theft (having employees work off the clock) and having employees sign an overly broad non-compete agreement which forbids them from working at another, similar shop for two years.

Cenk Uygur / TYT video.