Russian Missile Maker: MH-17 Shot Down by Buk M-1 Missile System

In regards to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17, this website wrote In July, 2014 that AP journalists had seen a Buk M-1 missile system being transported in Ukraine at the town of Snizhne:

“According to the Huffington Post:  ‘…it was hard to miss the bulky missile system, also known as a Buk M-1. It left deep tread marks in the asphalt as it rumbled by in a small convoy.’”

“Apparently the vehicles stopped in front of journalists from The Associated Press.

“A man wearing unfamiliar fatigues and speaking with a distinctive Russian accent checked to make sure they weren’t filming.

Boden-Luft-Raketentransport BUK mit gestohlener Zugmaschine (Foto: Paris Match)

“The convoy later moved on, destination unknown in the heart of eastern Ukraine’s pro-Russia rebellion.

“Three hours later, people six miles (10 kilometers) west of Snizhne heard loud noises. and then they saw pieces of twisted metal — and bodies— fall from the sky.”

So, it appeared last July that the rebels in eastern Ukraine were in possession of a Buk M-1 missile launcher.

Recently, the Financial Times wrote:

“Russian weapons manufacturer Almaz-Antey has confirmed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile system as suggested by the west, but said the rocket came from Ukrainian military stocks.

“The state-owned company presented what it said were the findings of an expert investigation as it seeks to challenge European Union sanctions in the EU’s General Court.

“At a rare press conference on Tuesday, company officials said if the Boeing was shot down by an air defence system, it could only have been a Buk-M1. ‘We have irrefutable proof that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have missiles of this type,’ said Yan Novikov, the company’s director-general.”

“Analysis of publicly-available pictures of the wreckage indicates that the missile was a Buk M1 series with a M38M1 warhead, CEO Yan Novikov told reporters, according to the TASS news agency and English-language news site, Sputnik,” writes NBC News.

So now, a person from the company that makes the Buk missile system is claiming that the plane MH-17 could have only been shot down by a Buk M-1 missile system.

Could pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine have stolen a Buk M-1 system from Ukraine and used it shoot down MH-17?

According to The New York Times, On June 29, the official news agency RIA Novosti quoted a separatist from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic saying that pro-Russia militants had “assumed control of A-1402 military base,” equipped with “Buk mobile surface-to-air missile systems.”

The New York Times also wrote, “As Jonathan Landay, a national security correspondent for McClatchy, pointed out, Russian state media had trumpeted the capture of ‘a Ukrainian anti-air military installation’ in the region…”

So, pro-Russian rebels had captured the Ukrainian A-1402 military base, which had Buk missile systems.  Ukraine had Buk M-1 missile systems.

The publication Paris Match claimed to have photographs of a Buk system that was being transported on a truck that was stolen in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

So, is it going too far to ask if it is possible that rebels from eastern Ukraine captured a Buk M-1 missile system and then used it?

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John McCain Compares Obama To Carter…

…and nobody died.

Clip from the Friday, November 21st 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show.

Images Show Missile Attack In Gaza


Residents of central Gaza City watch as an Israeli air strike destroys an apartment building   Daily event: Some Palestinians are so accustomed to aerial strikes they knew the tactics employed by the Israelis - three smaller missiles fired to warn anyone too close to the target zone, followed by one from a fighter jet to destroy the building

The small missile can be seen in the sky in the left photo.

Just a few minutes earlier, the owner of the apartments had been told of the impending strike after the Israeli military phoned his son to warn them.

Bashir al-Ramlawi, 58, said he scampered out of the building with 35 of his relatives just in time to see his home reduced to rubble.  It was reported by Sudarsan Raghavan from The Washington Post.

Photos Of Supposed Buk Missile Launcher In Eastern Ukraine

Sources claim these are photos of the BUK missile system launcher just two hours before it blasted Flight MH17 out of the sky.

The four missiles on the tank-like vehicle were covered with camouflage sheeting while it waited under a tree.

Experts have pieced together a series of sightings of the machine to gather evidence of Russian collusion in the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17.