Giuliani Offers Bad Political Advice

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said Thursday that If failed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney decides to run again, he needs to focus more on issues like the Benghazi attack.

“He’s going to have to convince them that he’s going to run a different kind of campaign this time,” Giuliani said on “Fox and Friends.”

The former mayor said Romney needs to show that “he’s not going to back away from topics like Benghazi.”

Kyle Kulinski

Report: 22 Staffers Would Check Romney’s Tweets Prior To Releasing Them

This isn’t necessarily a new story, but it is entertaining…

According to Slate, “As many as 22 staffers screened posts for his social media accounts during his 2012 presidential campaign.”

And according to another article by Slate, Mitt Romney’s “…campaign has certainly been paying Twitter for promoted tweets—though that’s a legitimate advertising practice meant to attract genuine followers, not bots, and doesn’t usually lead to such a rapid spike. There are services out there that offer to artificially pump up your Twitter following for a price (including some that pay real people to follow certain accounts). And if a former Newt Gingrich staffer is to be believed, Romney’s campaign wouldn’t be the first to avail itself of that option. (Gingrich campaign officials denied the charge, though an analysis of his followers seemed to substantiate it.)”

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Study: Massachusetts’ Romneycare Saves Lives

Obamacare is similar to Massachusetts’ own Romneycare in its structure, implementation, and effectiveness.

A study came out in the New England Journal Of Medicine that shows Romneycare saves lives.

This raises the question:

How many people will die if the Supreme Court strikes down (parts of) Obamacare and takes away insurance from some people?

Would that decision (supposed to occur next year) kill people?

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