Idaho Shooting Spree: 4 Shot, 3 Dead

4 shot, 3 dead in Moscow, Idaho

Four people have been shot and three are dead after a series of shootings in the town of Moscow, Idaho.

The City of Moscow Police Department has released the names of the victims. Three people have died including 76-year-old Moscow businessman David Trail, Arby’s restaurant manager Belinda Niebuhr,47, and the suspect’s adoptive mother and Moscow Family Medicine Physician’s Assistant Terri Grzebielski, who was 61 years old.

The suspect has been identified as Moscow resident John Lee.

Police believe Lee shot Grzebieski at her residence in the 400 block of Veatch Street in Moscow.

Another shooting happened at the offices of Northwest Mutual Life Insurance at 303 E Third Street in Moscow. Trail and Michael Chin were shot by Lee during that encounter and Trail was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital and declared dead when he arrived.

Chin was taken to Gritman Medical Center and is currently listed in critical condition.

The third shooting happened at an Arby’s restaurant in Moscow. Police say Lee entered the restaurant, asked for the manager, and opened fire with a weapon. Neibuhr was taken to Gritman Medical Center and was declared dead.

Lee left the scene in a black Honda and was taken into custody and booked into Whitman County jail after a high-speed pursuit.

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Russia To Build High Speed Rail

David Pakman

According to the Moscow Times, in mid-October, Russia and China signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop a high-speed rail network that included construction of a high-speed rail line from Moscow to Beijing.

“Trains are expected to hurtle along the new line at an average speed of 400 kilometers per hour, cutting the travel time between the two cities from the current six or more days to about 33 hours.”