Gohmert: ‘You’re Playing God With The Internet!’

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U.S. Representative from Texas Louie Gohmert got it wrong on Net Neutrality during a recent congressional hearing.  Gohmert speaks loudly and forcefully, so some people might believe him.

The FCC did not “take over the internet,” but it “classified the internet as a utility.”

The big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would like to charge more for quicker downloads and uploads for specific sites. The big ISPs could also threaten to slow down your site unless you pay more money.

The FCC classified it as a utility so that this won’t happen. The FCC wants Net Neutrality, which is keeping the internet the same as it is now.

Alex Jones Meltdown Over Net Neutrality

Alex Jones often has epic meltdowns.  A.J. is probably off on this one.

Here he discusses net neutrality, comparing the President with Hitler and Stalin and comparing the FCC with the mafia.

According to Kyle Kulinski:

“Alex Jones is the latest right-wing broadcaster to completely misrepresent net neutrality, telling ‘Infowars’ viewers this week that President Obama’s support for net neutrality will lead to big government tyranny.”

Secular Talk video.

Obama Calls For Net Neutrality And To Classify The Internet As Public Utility

President Obama has called on the Federal Communications Commission to classify the Internet as a public utility. Obama said such protections would prevent Internet service providers like Comcast from blocking access to websites, slowing down content or providing paid fast lanes for Internet service. However, it is unclear whether his appointed FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, will agree to net neutrality.

Video by Democracy Now!