John Kasich Makes New Hampshire Appearance

Capitol Square

John Kasich is the Governor of Ohio, who has been in office since 2011. He is a member of the Republican Party, and he previously served as an Ohio member of the United States House of Representatives from 1983 to 2001.

Recently, Kasich made his first political appearance in New Hampshire in more than a decade.

The New Hampshire primary, of course, is the first primary election held in the United States and the second step following the Iowa Caucuses in choosing the Democratic and Republican nominees for the presidency, states

Kasich said that real leaders shouldn’t worry about polls, states

“If you don’t like it, I guess that’s your problem and not mine, because I’m going to do it,” the 62-year-old former congressman told New Hampshire voters and political dignitaries gathered at St. Anselm College on Tuesday.

The comment was regarding programs that set aside state contracts for minority entrepreneurs.

Kasich’s blunt style showed his two-day swing through New Hampshire, reportedly designed to assess his political strength as he considers a 2016 Republican presidential bid.

While he is largely unknown in N.H., his unique approach to politics could be attractive to New Hampshire voters, who value candidates with an independent streak.

Will Kasich run for President?

“I’m taking no options off the table in terms of my future,” Kasich, 62, declared earlier in South Carolina.

Above is a a video of an interview of John Kasich from February 27, 2011, on unions and collective bargaining.

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Where Will Scott Brown Go Next?

Where will Scott Brown, who was a senator in Massachusetts prior to running in New Hampshire, run next?

Sam Seder discusses it.

Did The Recent N.H. Pumpkin Festival Riots Show White Privilege?

Last Saturday in Keene, New Hampshire, violent parties near the city’s annual pumpkin festival led to destruction, dozens of arrests and multiple injuries.

There are reports of people ripping down signs and flipping cars. The violence prompted police in riot gear to use tear gas as they tried to control the crowds. There have been at least 14 arrests on Saturday and Sunday that were connected to the riots, The Associated Press reported. More than 30 people suffered injuries, the Union Leader reported.

“The damage was disturbing,” New Hampshire State Police Col. Robert Quinn said, citing the full liquor bottles and billiard balls allegedly thrown at police officers in particular.

Did the police or the media treat the (predominantly white) people in Keene differently than the people of Ferguson, Missouri?

Comparisons with Ferguson inevitably followed.

TYT video.