‘Vulgar’ Mississippi State Warmup Shirts


Starkville, Mississippi.  Few teams across the country – if any – are more connected with adidas than Mississippi State baseball, states the Clarion-Ledger newspaper.

The team uses adidas not just for apparel, but for gloves and bats too.

However, no one was more surprised by the warmup shirts that featured the phrase “F–K The School Up North” than Mississippi State baseball coach John Cohen.

“Somebody ran up and told me,” Cohen said. “It’s unfortunate, but I really don’t have anything (to say) in that area.”

Mississippi State will not wear the shirts again, the Clarion-Ledger reports.

Who Was Hrant Dink?


Hrant Dink was a highly-esteemed Turkish-Armenian editor-in-chief of weekly Agos. According to Wikipedia, Agos is an Armenian bilingual weekly newspaper published in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dink was murdered in broad daylight in front of his newspaper’s building on January 19th, 2007, by a 17-year-old Turkish nationalist. The triggerman, Ogün Samast, was convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to 22 years and 10 months of prison after a two-year trial.

The trial into the murder resumed Sept. 17, 2013, after the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that all suspects in the case had acted as part of a criminal organization, rather than individually.

Istanbul’s 5th High Criminal Court, which is overseeing the case, announced on Oct. 30, 2014, that it will focus on the “criminal organization” allegations against suspects, a move that lawyers representing the victim’s family have demanded since the start of the retrial.

Yusuf Hayal and Erhan Tuncel are accused of convincing Samast in Trabzon to shoot Dink.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court stated that civil servants and institutions allegedly implicated in the murder of Dink should be investigated. Its detailed ruling on the case was on Nov. 12, 2014.

Thousands of people recently have taken to the streets of Istanbul to commemorate the death Dink, who was shot eight years ago on January 19th, 2007.

Spat Between Russell Brand And The Sun


In the U.K., the publication The Sun is having an increasingly bitter spat with Russell Brand with a Friday front page article declaring that 64 per cent of Brits don’t find the comedian funny and 68 per cent think he is a hypocrite.

The findings appear accompanied by the headline “THE NATION SPEAKS”, though the survey, conducted by YouGov, polled just 574 people.

Earlier this year Brand won a libel payout from The Sun on Sunday.

Recently, Brand became agitated when British Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O’Brien asked him much he paid to rent his east London home during a protest over the cost of housing.

He was with a 400-strong group that was demonstrating against the tripling of rent on a Hoxton estate due to a planned development currently threatening 93 families with eviction.

The hundreds of residents and supporters of the New Era estate in east London were taking part in the protest over fears that a takeover by US investment firm Westbrook could lead to further rent hikes.

The reporter O’Brien suggested that the housing problem was being exacerbated by the super-rich buying property in the capital.

During the interview, Brand told the reporter: “I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent, mate. I’m here to support a very important campaign.”

When asked about the value of his home, he went on: “It’s rented. We don’t know the value, you would have to talk to my landlord.”

He ended the interview by saying to the reporter, “Snides like you, mate, undermine [the campaign]. You’re a snide.”

Russell Brand / Trews video.