What Is The Truth With Arsenic In Inexpensive Wine?

Ring of Fire Radio.

Ring of Fire Radio claims that only the worst winemakers are worried about the arsenic lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in California against some wineries for having high arsenic levels in their wines. Some of these include huge-selling wines by Menage A Trois, Sutter Home, Beringer and Fetzer.

Ring of Fire claims the “bottom feeders” in the wine industry have taken advantage of the increased popularity of wine as they cut corners to raise their profits.  Lawyer Mike Papantonio discusses the dangers inside cheap wines with attorney Mike Burg.

High Levels Of Arsenic Found In Certain Wines

Ring of Fire Radio

Over the past few decades the medical community has come around to the fact that drinking a glass of wine or two with your dinner might be good for your health. One recent study actually even found that drinking wine was better for you that going to the gym, according to Ring of Fire.

But all of that is only true if you aren’t drinking the cheap wine that contains way too much arsenic, which is a poison.

So before you head to Trader Joe’s for some bottles of ”Two-Buck Chuck” or your favorite wine section for other inexpensive varieties, think about whether they’ve been named in the recent class-action lawsuit that claims that 28 California wineries are producing wines with dangerously high levels of arsenic, states Patch.com.

Most of the wines in the claim are zinfandels or moscatos that sell for less than $10 a bottle.

Court documents allege three separate testing laboratories skilled in arsenic testing each confirmed that several California wineries are producing wines with high levels of the toxin, ”in some cases, up to 500 percent or more than what is considered the maximum acceptable safe daily intake limit.”

The class-action lawsuit is just that: a lawsuit. Neither judge nor jury has weighed in on the allegations. Still, the story has gone viral on social media, with many posts wondering just which wines are included in the suit.

Mike Papantonio, discusses it with attorney Michael Burg in the video.

Is There Still A Scott Walker Scandal Going On?

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party, and he has very clear ambitions to run for President in the near future.

Before he hits the national stage, however, he still has a lot of investigations to overcome.

Mike Papantonio discusses this with Brendan Fischer from the Center for Media and Democracy.

Ring of Fire

More on Walker’s campaign finance scandal here.

Ring of Fire Full Episode – 02/15/2015

00:50 – Howard Nations discusses how Republican-controlled states are becoming full of corruption and incompetence.

09:12 – Radio host David Pakman explains President Obama’s proposal to provide two years of cost-free community college to American citizens.

17:34 – Brendan Fischer from PR Watch in Madison, Wisconsin discusses the latest details on the Scott Walker John Doe investigation. #WalkerInvestigation

25:59 – David Haynes goes over the dangers of the blood monitoring system Alere Inratio, and about the overall failures of the FDA in recent years. #BigPharmaGoneWild

Ring of Fire

(Video 56 minutes long)

Is Homegrown Terrorism Bigger In The U.S. Than Al-Qaeda?

Ring of Fire

Sources claim that since 9/11, right-wing extremists have killed more people on American soil than Islamic extremists.

Right-wing media outlets like to tell us that Americans are threatened by illegal immigrants and al-Qaeda, but according to research, American citizens are far more likely to be killed by a right-wing extremist than a terrorist group.

Mike Papantonio and Howard Nations discuss it.

More here:


Has There Been A Death Of Critical Thinking In America?

The right wing attack on education has dismantled a generation’s critical thinking abilities. And that’s exactly the kind of voter that the Republicans want.

“America’s Lawyer” Mike Papantonio discusses it with attorney Howard Nations.

Mike Papantonio video.

Laissez Faire Economics And Corporations

Mike Papantonio talks about laissez faire economics and corporations and the long run of Republican leadership prior to the Great Depression.

During that time, Corporate America and the Republicans had an agreement. Government would not regulate, and business would not be limited by checks and balances.

Papantonio claims corporations were able to generate bigger profits at the expense of workers, consumers, the U.S. Treasury, and the U.S. economy.

Majority Report video.