Washington Times Writer ‘Would Have Bombed Iran Years Ago’

Secular Talk

Why are some people so eager to go to war with countries that did not attack us? Isn’t that what Hitler did against Poland and Russia?

Monica Crowley, who writes for the right-wing publication The Washington Times recently debated on Fox News Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.  Crowley is also a Fox News contributor.  (Isn’t it interesting how one right-wing media outlet “borrows” from the other?)

Bill O’Reilly claimed that nobody can trust Iran to honor any deal and contributor Kirsten Powers commented that Netanyahu should never had been invited to the US to make the speech because it was all about bashing president Obama since we’re doing everything we can do.

Crowley came out with her real opinion, which is that she “would have bombed Iran years ago.”

Poland Has New Woman Prime Minister

WARSAW — Poland’s incoming prime minister, Ewa Kopacz, said Friday that she intends to take a somewhat different, more feminine approach to the job.

At a news conference to introduce her new cabinet she was asked whether Poland should be sending weapons to aid the Ukrainian government — as the country’s leading opposition party has advocated. Ms. Kopacz (pronounced co-POTCH) replied that Poland should act only in concert with other European Union nations, not unilaterally.

“Poland,” she said, “should act like a reasonable Polish woman.”

Ms. Kopacz and her cabinet will be sworn in on Thursday.