STUDY: Buddhism Reduces Prejudice

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According to, Belgian and Taiwanese researchers found that being exposed to Buddhist concepts can lead to decreased prejudice toward others.

“Buddhism contains a variety of teachings and practices – such as meditation – intended to help individuals develop a more open-minded and compassionate personality. Unlike the three dominant monotheistic religions, it does not draw a sharp line between believers and unbelievers.

“In three separate experiments of 355 individuals, the researchers found that being exposed to words related to Buddhism could “automatically activate prosociality and tolerance, in particular among people with socio-cognitive open-mindedness.”


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TB, scabies, ebola, dengue, measles, chickenpox, leprosy, lice, swine flu, and polio…

The “militarization of our borders” is needed to keep out immigrants. The kids “are with gangs and terrorism.” President Obama “invited” them here.

It used to be people just complained about immigrants taking their jobs.

The immigrant situation isn’t in the media much recently…

This Media Matters video compilation shows how protesters and Fox News went all-out over the threats posed by immigrants.