Controversial Indianapolis Star Immigration Cartoon

Responding to criticism that a cartoon depicting undocumented immigrants coming through a window to share Thanksgiving dinner with a white family was racist, an Indiana newspaper edited out the stereotyped immigrant’s mustache apparently to make the cartoon seem less racist.

Kyle Kulinski video.

Gary Varvel cartoon original (Indy Star)

Varvel edited cartoon (Indy Star)

What Is Hipster Racism?

Rock group 30 Seconds To Mars with headdresses

The website Dispatches From The Underclass states:

The term “hipster racism” was coined by Carmen Van Kerckhove at Racialicious and refers to using racist language “ironically”.

STFU Hipster defines Hipster Racism in this way:

“Hipster racism involves making derogatory comments with a racial basis in an attempt to seem witty and above it all. Specifically, the idea is to sound ironic, as in ‘I’m allowed to say this because of course I’m not racist, so it’s funny.’

“It’s an aspect of a larger part of the hipster culture, which wants to seem jaded and urbane and oh-so-witty. Using language which is viewed as inflammatory or not appropriate is supposed to push the boundaries and make someone look edgy, but it only really comes across that way to people who buy into that system. To everyone else, it’s just racist.”

Wikipedia gives background to Hipster Racism:

“Van Kerckhove first attributed the term hipster racism in an article, ‘The 10 biggest race and pop culture trends of 2006’, particularly citing ‘Kill Whitie’ Parties and ‘Blackface Jesus’ as prominent examples of what she claimed to be the height of hipster racism.

“‘Kill Whitie’ parties, as described by the Washington Post, were parties held for hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Jeremy Parker, a DJ that goes by the name of The Pumpsta, in an attempt to ‘kill the whiteness inside’.

“These were parties in which white hipsters attempted to discard their white privilege by mocking the black hip-hop industry, and essentially a part of black culture, for the sake of irony.

“Another occasion Van Kerckhove regarded as an instance of hipster racism was the use of blackface by white people and the normalization and acceptance of such use from other individuals. The use of blackface by individuals such as these was in an effort to satirize political correctness and racism.

“Other instances of alleged hipster racism include the appropriation of cultural artifacts by hipsters, which involves individuals adopting certain cultural artifacts of another culture without recognizing the significance of said article.  Examples include wearing native headdresses, or more specifically, Urban Outfitters selling clothes with Navajo and other Aboriginal and African tribal prints without giving tribute, acknowledgement, or compensation.”

So, the real question should be:  Is “hipster racism” just “racism?”  Are neo-Nazis and KKK hipster racism or just “racism?”  What about blackface?

What do you think?

For an example of Hipster Racism, go to this website:

Strange Racism: Red State Publishes Article ‘Why Those White Women Want Nothing To Do With Barack Obama’

Red State adds race-based comments to a recent article about politicians Mary Landrieu, Michelle Nunn, and Kay Hagan.

The article was titled “Why Those White Women Want Nothing To Do With Barack Obama.”

The publication went on to state:

“If a group of white Republican women adamantly refused to go near a black man and complained loudly about him, the political press would destroy them as racists.

“That is what is happening, however, in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Georgia.”

The publication also states:

“These three women want nothing to do with America’s first black President.”

Were the comments about race necessary?

Bill O’Reilly And The Reality Of Asian Americans

Reality sometimes comes back to hit Bill O’Reilly.

For example, he pushes a military agenda in regards to the Middle East, yet he was never in the military.

More recently, he denies claims of “white privilege” and used Asian Americans to justify his point.  “If there is white privilege, then there has to be Asian privilege, because Asians make more money than whites…,” he pointed out to John Stewart.

That may be true.

However, it is also worth mentioning that 73% of Asian American voters cast a ballot for President Obama against Mitt Romney in 2012.

What happens when O’Reilly actually talks with Asians?

Last year, O’Reilly sent producer Jesse Watters to Hawaii to report on why the Aloha State is so liberal. Following the report, O’Reilly admitted his surprise with how Democratic the state is, because “Asians people aren’t liberal by nature” due to their being “more industrious and hard-working.” O’Reilly’s comments drew the attention and condemnation of Democratic Hawaii congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, who appeared on O’Reilly’s program.

Hanabusa told O’Reilly she was very bothered by his commentary, saying that Asian residents of Hawaii, like the rest, value their elders and communities.

O’Reilly confronted Hanabusa over whether she had, in fact, seen the full segment on his program.

They also discussed the state’s unemployment rate and the people on food stamps. He also cited the drug problem in Hawaii as another result of the state’s “liberal culture.” Hanabusa disputed O’Reilly’s claims about drug use, though she did admit there is a drug problem in her state – as in any state – that she is trying to crack down on.

Hanabusa called him out on his Asian commentary, saying:

“When you characterize us in Hawaii, be aware that you’re talking about a culture, a people who have managed to live together and work together… You are offensive to Asians. By making that statement, you are offensive to all of us who are Asian. We are not one kind of person. We want you to recognize that we are different.”

To this day, it is the opinion of this website that herein lies the reason that Fox News “interviews” its own people – contributors, analysts, and other hosts.

When Fox News interviews people from outside of the “Fox bubble,”  the interviews simply don’t go as expected.

Take a look the local news coverage of another O’Reilly segment on Hawaii.

Russell Brand: Does Fox News Prefer Guns Or Racism?

The answer is “guns.”

Russell Brand is with the stars of BBC Three’s The Revolution Will Be Televised, Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse.  They dissect a segment on Fox News about guns.

Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Sells Team; Claims He’s Racist


Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson is on his way out of the NBA. He’s decided that he will sell the team before the completion of an NBA investigation into a 2012 e-mail claiming that the team needs to attract more white spectators.  

In an odd twist, Levenson reported the email himself, possibly because of the NBA’s nuclear reaction to Donald Sterling.

Levenson, one of the NBA owners to speak out against Sterling, has issued an apology.  Here is an excerpt:  

In trying to address those issues, I wrote an e-mail two years ago that was inappropriate and offensive. I trivialized our fans by making clichéd assumptions about their interests (i.e. hip hop vs. country, white vs. black cheerleaders, etc.) and by stereotyping their perceptions of one another (i.e. that white fans might be afraid of our black fans). By focusing on race, I also sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans.

Following Levenson notifying the league office the e-mail, the NBA commenced an independent investigation regarding the comments.

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association wrote this statement: 

“Prior to the completion of the investigation, Mr. Levenson notified me last evening that he had decided to sell his controlling interest in the Atlanta Hawks. As Mr. Levenson acknowledged, the views he expressed are entirely unacceptable and are in stark contrast to the core principles of the National Basketball Association. He shared with me how truly remorseful he is for using those hurtful words and how apologetic he is to the entire NBA family – fans, players, team employees, business partners and fellow team owners – for having diverted attention away from our game.

“I commend Mr. Levenson for self-reporting to the league office, for being fully cooperative with the league and its independent investigator, and for putting the best interests of the Hawks, the Atlanta community, and the NBA first.

“We will be working with the Hawks ownership group on the appropriate process for the sale of the team and I have offered our full support to Hawks CEO Steve Koonin, who will now oversee all team operations.

“The NBA and its teams have long had in place anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies in order to facilitate respectful and diverse workplaces. Earlier this summer, the league re-doubled its efforts by, among other things, making it mandatory for all league and team personnel to receive annual training on these issues.”

What makes this case different than that of Donald Sterling is that he brought it to the commissioner’s attention himself.   

Levenson said he regrets the email sent to the team’s co-owners and general manager Danny Ferry tand deems it “inappropriate and offensive.” In a statement released by the team, Levenson said he sent the email due to his concerns about low attendance and a need to attract suburban whites.

“After much long and difficult contemplation, I have decided that it is in the best interests of the team, the Atlanta community and the NBA to sell my controlling interest in the Hawks franchise.”

The letter, while racist, also seemed about business. Long story short:  The racism claim doesn’t seem as strong as with Donald Sterling.  He also brought it to the attention of the NBA himself.   

It is not immediately clear whether this is just a ploy to make it easier for him to sell the team.  Perhaps there will be more information on this soon. 


TB, scabies, ebola, dengue, measles, chickenpox, leprosy, lice, swine flu, and polio…

The “militarization of our borders” is needed to keep out immigrants. The kids “are with gangs and terrorism.” President Obama “invited” them here.

It used to be people just complained about immigrants taking their jobs.

The immigrant situation isn’t in the media much recently…

This Media Matters video compilation shows how protesters and Fox News went all-out over the threats posed by immigrants.

Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police

Six plaintiffs are suing the Ferguson and St. Louis County police forces, alleging that the officers’ arrests and use of tear gas and rubber bullets violated their civil rights.  They claim that police responding to the civil unrest treated them like “war combatants” and are suing for $40 million.

The group describes as “wanton and excessive force” by police during recent unrest after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

“In militaristic displays of force and weaponry,” police in Ferguson, Mo., used “excessive force, under color of law” to deprive them of their civil rights, the federal lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri by Black Lawyers for Justice, a group based in Washington D.C. The claims against the officers range from unlawful arrests and use of militaristic force between August 10 and 13, according to the suit.  

The six plaintiffs are Tracey White and her minor son, Dewayne Matthews; Damon Coleman; Theophilus Green; and Kerry White.  They all claim they were unjustly arrested between Aug. 11 and Aug. 13, according to court documents. Attorney Malik Shabazz said the suit could be broadened to include additional plaintiffs.

Tracey White, the social worker, was told she was being arrested “because she would not ‘shut up,’” she alleges. Her son was also arrested “for no reason at all,” she claimed.

Matthews was shot with rubber bullets, had his face slammed into concrete and had his head pushed underwater “to the point that he felt he was going to be drowned,” he said. He was arrested on a charge of failure to disperse, although, he alleges, he had not been involved in any protests. 

Coleman and Green “were engaged in peaceful protests…regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr.,” they said, when police in riot gear arrived and began firing tear gas at them. Coleman and Green were gassed and shot with rubber bullets, despite the fact that “Coleman and Green got on their knees and presented no threat,” they said. They were also arrested and charged with failure to disperse.

Kerry White was filming the protests in Ferguson when police officers took his camera, removed his memory card and threw it on the ground, he said. He was arrested and charged with failure to disperse, “even though no basis at all existed for that charge,” he said.

The suit lists as defendants the chiefs of police of Ferguson and St. Louis County, various Ferguson and St. Louis County police officers, the city of Ferguson and the county of St. Louis, court documents state.