Would Right To Die Law Allow Doctors To Lie On Death Certificate?

After 23 years of attempts to legalize assisted suicide in California, lawmakers and lobbyists may have finally found a strategy that works: they just won’t call it suicide, writes the National Review.

Entitled the “End of Life Option Act,” California Senate Bill 128 mandates that “the cause of death listed on an individual’s death certificate who uses aid-in-dying medication shall be the underlying terminal illness,” not the lethal dose of poison that actually caused the individual’s death.

So, doctors would simply be allowed to lie on the death certificate.

Advocates of assisted suicide coined the term “aid in dying” and came up with the idea that killing oneself does not qualify as suicide if you have a life expectancy of six months or less.

However, it appears that it is not palatable enough to list the preferred misnomer, “aid in dying,” as the cause of death and that the only way lawmakers and lobbyists feel they can sell assisted suicide is to falsify public records.


MSNBC Looks At Conspiracies And Conspiracy Paranoia


At this point several main-stream media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN have looked at the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory. What about other conspiracy theories?

Conspiracy theories seem to be a “cottage industry” of sorts – especially among many on the right.

On May 4th, MSNBC discussed the English Defence League, Afzal Amin, and Texas conspiracy theories.

British Tory candidate Afzal Amin was suspended from the Tory Party after planning with far-right extremists in the English Defence League to stir up racial hatred and then artificially “diffuse” the situation in a cynical attempt to win votes.

Pamela Geller is an American political activist and commentator known for her anti-Islamic positions and opposition to Islamic activities and causes, such as the proposed construction of an Islamic community center near the former site of the World Trade Center, writes Wikipedia.  Her viewpoints have been described as “anti-Islamic” or “Islamophobic.” She says her blogging and campaigns in the United States are against what she terms “creeping Sharia” in the country.

She is currently the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative which she co-founded with Robert Spencer. The American Freedom Defense Initiative has been designated an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The American Freedom Defense Initiative recently held a “Draw the Prophet” contest in Garland, Texas, where two radicalized Muslims reportedly had a shootout with police.

Ironically, Geller’s group has worked with the English Defense League in Britain.

MSNBC looks at the right-wing conspiracy “cottage industry.”

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Ouch: Will Rubio Be The Guy The Republican Party ‘Talks About’ But Never Elects?

Sam Seder

Recently, U.S. Senator from Florida Marco Rubio announced that he will run for U.S. President.

Ouch: The Majority Report discusses Rubio’s decision, and they claim he will be the guy “talked about” to entice the Latino community and put the party in a good light, but the right-wing will just choose two white guys anyway.

Bryan Fischer: ‘Gay Gestapo’ Forcing Alabama Judges Into Slavery

Right Wing Watch

Bryan Fischer hosts the talk radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio and posts on the American Family Association blog Instant Analysis (formerly Rightly Concerned), according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: “Fischer opposes abortion, national health care, gay adoption, and same-sex marriage. Fischer’s comments about homosexuality caused the AFA to be designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in November 2010.

“To avoid being classified as a hate group, the AFA has officially repudiated Fischer’s views on Muslims, Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, The Holocaust being caused by homosexuals, the outlawing of homosexuality and that LGBT parenting is slavery, and that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.”

Does Fox News Just Repeat Republican Talking Points?

A Fox News report reportedly came straight from a Republican National Committee (RNC) memo announcing its “Hillary’s Hiding” campaign. That campaign, launched two days before the Fox & Friends segment, purports to “keep asking, ‘Where’s Hillary?'” and focuses on the number of days since Clinton’s last press conference and interview. At no point did Fox News anchor Elizabeth Hasselbeck credit the RNC for the concept that framed her segment.

TYT Network

Media Matters: Right-Wing Birth Control Myths

Conservative talk show and news personalities have long ignored the overwhelming support for wider access to birth control, and instead have been pushing myths.

Media Matters video.

Right Wing Talk Show Host Bryan Fischer: Russia Has Been A Communist Country ‘Since 1917’

Bryan Fischer claims Russia has been a Communist country ‘since 1917.’  He seems unaware of the fall of the Soviet Union in December 1991.

Fischer also refers to the president as a Communist and claims that Obama wants to be a dictator like Fidel Castro (whose brother Raul is now in power in Cuba).

Right Wing Watch video.

Right Wing Exploits Police Murders

Is the right wing exploiting the murders of 2 NYPD police officers in an effort to point the blame at Mayor Bill de Blasio, Eric Holder, and President Obama?

Rudy Giuliani specifically blames President Obama for the killings, but Giuliani also played a role in police riots against Mayor David Dinkins…

Sam Seder video.