Are Some Christians Democrats?

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Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh discussed the liberal outrage over Indiana and surmised that Democrats not only “hate Christianity,” but think that it’s “evil” and they’re waging a war on it right now.

Here, Secular Talk makes the point that some Democrats are Christians.

Rush Said He Would ‘Leave The USA’ If The Affordable Care Act Were Implemented

Five years ago, the right-wing radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said he would move to Costa Rica if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) were fully implemented.

He also said doctors would only be able to work for the “federal program.”  But don’t we still have private insurance companies?

Will he be leaving soon?

Majority Report

Limbaugh Says Republicans ‘Are Caving’

rush-limbaugh-793679Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed the idea that Republicans “are caving.”

He was referring to a article titled, “McConnell Caves, But Reid Wants Full Surrender From Boehner As Well” when he discussed his views.


“The Republicans are caving on amnesty.  They’re caving on the whole Department of Homeland Security thing, which is a separate thing from amnesty in part, and they’re all ready to cave on net neutrality.  They’re caving on everything.  The excuse that we’re given is, in an indirect way, ‘Well, this is what the donors want.” And to a certain extent that’s true, but come on.  Is the donor class of the Republican Party actually attempting to achieve the erasure of the Republican Party?

“Am I being a bit too extreme here, Mr. Snerdley?  It just doesn’t appear that we have any opposition to the Democrat Party in Washington.  We got plenty opposition to the Democrat Party out in the states, and among some of our presidential contenders, but even some of those, you ask yourself, why are they running as Republicans?  I don’t have to name names.  Everybody knows who I’m talking about.  So let’s just get to this.”

Did Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert ‘Damage Our Ability To Fight Terrorism?’

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert “damaged our ability to fight terrorism.”


“Every night for whatever number of years, seven years, six years, Comedy Central, Stewart, Colbert, you name it, Bush lied. The mainstream media, every day, every week, Bush lied. What did that do? In the minds of young skulls full of mush, it turn around the Iraq war into a joke, number one. It turned Bush into a joke. It turned the country into a joke, and it told everybody that everything we were doing over there was illegitimate because we had no business being there, that there was no terrorism.”

But the issue is that the U.S. attacked the wrong country after 9/11.

Is Rush Limbaugh hypocritical?

Limbaugh claimed that “John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are guilty of criticizing the president,” referring to President Bush.

Cenk Uygur, host of TYT Network, gives his opinion on it.

TYT Network

Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker Should Say He Dropped Out Of College To Avoid Being ‘Accused Of Rape’

Rush Limbaugh has some advice for 2016 Republican presidential nomination favorite Scott Walker.

Rush Limbaugh recommended for Walker to tell journalists that he “left college because (he) didn’t want to be accused of rape someday.”

But Majority Report asks: But why did Scott Walker drop out of college?

Majority Report


Rush Limbaugh’s Incoherent Ramblings On FDR

This week brought a three-day conference on “Countering Violent Extremism” and also an op-ed along the same lines from President Obama that was published in the Los Angeles Times, according to Fox News.

One paragraph jumped off the page —

Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances (emphasis added) through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies.

Right-wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made a commentary about the op-ed that rambled on about FDR:

Rush:  You don’t remember that? I do. You don’t remember FDR defending Japan? You don’t remember that? You don’t remember FDR, I mean …. FDR, why, he defended Japan almost as much as he defended the Democrat party. Am I wrong about, FDR never defended Japan? … FDR never went out of his way to explain Japan to, I wasn’t alive then, maybe I’ve been misinformed. FDR did not go out of his way to tell people that we’re misunderstanding Japan? He didn’t?! FDR never said that the Japanese had legitimate grievances against us? He didn’t?! FDR never did that? … I know George Bush did, but Ted Kennedy, I remember Ted Kennedy when Reagan became president, Ted Kennedy called the Soviets and said hey, look, just be patient, we’ll try to get rid of this guy after one term. But really, FDR was not, I just thought Obama was continuing in a tradition of great Democrat presidents here.

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Video: Right-Wing Radio Host Limbaugh Gets Punk’d By Liberal

Majority Report

Here is vintage video of Majority Report discussing the right-wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh getting confused by a liberal caller…

On October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck separate barracks housing United States and French military forces in Lebanon, killing 299 American and French servicemen. An obscure group calling itself ‘Islamic Jihad’ claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Why does the caller say that Reagan “cut and run?”

Wikipedia: “On February 7, 1984, President Reagan ordered the Marines to begin withdrawing from Lebanon largely because of waning congressional support for the mission after the attacks on the barracks. The withdrawal of the 22d MAU from the BIA was completed 12:37 PM on February 26, 1984. Fighting between the Lebanese Army and Druze militia in the nearby Shouf mountains provided a noisy backdrop to the Marine evacuation. One officer commented: ‘This ceasefire is getting louder.'”

Limbaugh Claims Eric Garner Wasn’t Put In A Chokehold

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace talked to radio personality Rush Limbaugh about his criticism of Fox for not getting behind a government shutdown over President Barack Obama’s immigration action.

During that talk, they also discussed Eric Garner, who died in a video from an unauthorized police chokehold. Limbaugh claimed that it wasn’t a true chokehold, and he also argued that cigarette taxes are to blame.

Secular Talk video.

Rush Wants A Shutdown?

Rush Limbaugh criticized Fox News recently for its “abject panic” over the possibility of another government shutdown.

Apparently, Rush thinks a shutdown would be a good thing.

And he generally mocked Fox for preferring to give the losing Democrats whatever they want just so Republicans don’t do this one thing.

Secular Talk video.