Martin Luther Toy Is Fastest-Selling Of All Time

martin luther

The high sales of a tiny figurine of the Protestant reformation figure Martin Luther, have confounded its maker, Playmobil, by becoming the company’s fastest-selling figure of all time.

The German toy manufacturer announced this week that the first edition of 34,000 pieces sold out in less than 72 hours, forcing the company to urgently request its factory in Malta to produce more of the so-called “little Luthers”. Fans have been warned that the next batch will not be available until the end of April.

Republican Governors Want To Raise Taxes On Middle Class and Poor?

According to The New York Times,  “Republican governors across the nation are proposing tax increases — and backing off pledges to cut taxes — as they strike a decidedly un-Republican pose in the face of budget shortfalls…”

But who are they raising taxes on? And what kind of taxes do they plan to raise?

Majority Report

Oil Prices Top Agenda At The Davos World Economic Forum In Switzerland


According to CNN, the Middle East can handle the lower price because of lower production costs. Producers like the U.S. will have to weather the storm.

CNN also speaks with Ross Perot, Jr. about oil sales.

U.S. Has Ammo Depot In Israel

In the last week, the U.S. provided Israel with tank rounds and illumination rounds for grenade launchers requested as part of a military arms sale.   The weapons came from a $1 billion stockpile of ammunition stored by the U.S. military in Israel for that country’s use if needed for an emergency.

Since the 1990′s, the U.S. European Command has maintained a little-known stockpile inside Israel officially known as War Reserve Stockpile Ammunition-Israel (WRSA-I).  The stockpile is essentially available for Israel’s use if it makes a request for an emergency foreign military sale.  Such an emergency sale can be authorized by the president as was the case in 2006 while Israel was conducting its war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

On July 20 Israel made the request for munitions that included an undisclosed amount of 120 mm tank rounds and 40 mm illumination rounds for grenade launchers.