Entire Tennessee County Clerk’s Office Quits Over Gay Marriage

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The staff of a county clerk’s office in Tennessee quit over the legalizing of gay marriage.

The Decatur County Clerk’s office decided that they are going to object to the SCOTUS ruling legalizing gay marriage by walking out of their jobs. The entire staff of three decided to quit instead of issuing same sex marriage licenses, writes the publication Raw Story.

Obama Tied With Reagan In Public Opinion Polls


How does Obama compare to other presidents who spent their sixth Christmas in the White House?

According to Gallup polls, President Obama is tied with President Reagan’s approval rating at the 6-year mark in office, at 48 percent.

President George W. Bush was at 37 percent at this time in his presidency.

Only Harry Truman (33 percent) was lower (for December 1950).  Texan Lyndon B. Johnson was at 44 percent after his party suffered setbacks in the 1966 election.

Ronald Reagan polled at 48 percent in December of 1986. The best in the survey include Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower (57 percent), despite his own party’s struggle in the 1958 election, and Bill Clinton, who had a whopping 67 percent despite impeachment woes.

Morning Joe: Who Will Have The Better Legacy, Bush Or Obama?

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough recently said that historians would put together George W. Bush and Barack Obama over their inability to successfully manage the government.

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk disagrees.

Secular Talk video.