San Jose P.D. Cop Accused Of Rape Is On Suicide Watch

San Jose police officer Geoffrey Graves looks toward his lawyer, Darlene Bagley Comstedt, during his preliminary hearing at the Santa Clara County Hall of

When the woman said she didn’t want to stay home after arguing with her husband, the policeman took her to a hotel.

He waited in the parking lot until a second policeman left on another call. Then, according to an allegation, patrolman Geoffrey Graves returned to the room, where he shed parts of his uniform but left on his bulletproof vest — and raped her.

The actual incident supposedly took place in September 2013, and he was arrested in March of 2014.

On Friday, his hands were tied to a chain around his waist, and the San Jose police officer accused of rape appeared in court clad in full jail garb for the first time since his arrest more than 11 months ago, including a yellow and red uniform marking him as a maximum-security inmate on suicide watch.

Jail officials refused to comment Friday on whether they have Graves on a suicide watch, according to San Jose Mercury News.

However, under the jail’s classification system, inmates who need to be checked on regularly to make sure they don’t kill themselves are clad in yellow shirts, as Graves was wearing in court.

Officer Geoffrey Graves’ came to court for his preliminary hearing on Monday, March 9th in a white, cuff-linked shirt and black slacks.

At the time, he faced three felony charges that could put him in prison for about 13 years: the alleged Sept. 22 rape of a woman he met on a disturbance call and two counts of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, who works for San Jose police as a dispatcher.

After both witnesses testified, prosecutor Carlos Vega moved Wednesday to charge Graves with new no-bail crimes that could put him in prison for life, and he was taken into custody in tears. He remains on paid administrative leave.

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