Walker Says He Would Revoke Iran Nuke Deal On ‘First Day Of Presidency’

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President Obama says Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would be taking a foolish approach if he followed through with vows to revoke a nuclear deal with Iran if elected president, states the Chicago Tribune.

Walker is a likely contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Obama was asked in an NPR News interview about Walker’s recent comments that he would reject any Iran deal that Obama reaches on his first day as president.

Obama said that if the president’s ability to strike agreements starts being questioned, it will be a problem for allies and embolden U.S. enemies.

He said he’s confident anyone knowledgeable enough to be elected president won’t take that approach and that perhaps Walker will feel the same way after he has has “taken some time to bone up on foreign policy.”

Is There Still A Scott Walker Scandal Going On?

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is one of the brightest stars in the Republican Party, and he has very clear ambitions to run for President in the near future.

Before he hits the national stage, however, he still has a lot of investigations to overcome.

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Ring of Fire

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Republican Insults Wisconsin

Republican National Committee co-chair Sharon Day spoke at a Republican Party field office in Waukesha on Monday.

She spoke of the need to get Scott Walker supporters to the polls.

Did she insult Wisconsin in the process?

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