Canadian Politician Complains About Renewable Energy, District Has Train Powered By Renewable Energy

Canadian Politician Ron Liepert complains about renewable energy, but his political district of Calgary has a train powered by wind energy.

Truth Mashup video.

More info on Calgary’s C-Train:

White House Gets Solar Panels – For Second Time

jimmy carter solar panels

The White House announced on May 9th that they have completed their rooftop solar-panel project.

According to Market Watch, the new system will provide 6.3 kilowatts of power to the family quarters. The White House estimates that the solar panel installation will pay for itself in energy savings over the next eight years.

The new panels are the second set of solar panels that have graced the top of the White House.

President Jimmy Carter had installed a thermal hot-water heating system in the late 70’s, but it was laterĀ removed by President Ronald Reagan.

President George W. Bush had some solar panels installed on other buildings on the White House grounds in 2003.