What Is Jade Helm 15? Jon Stewart Discusses It.

Comedy Central

The discussion on Jade Helm 15 begins at roughly the 4:55 mark.

On May 4th, Jon Stewart discussed Texans’ irrationality in regards to the Jade Helm 15 military exercises.

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Trevor Noah On Oprah Winfrey’s School In South Africa

South African Trevor Noah will be replacing John Stewart when Stewart finishes his time at The Daily Show.

The New York Times:

“…after only three appearances on that Comedy Central show, Mr. Noah has gotten a huge and unexpected promotion. On Monday, Comedy Central announced that Mr. Noah would be the new host of ‘The Daily Show,’ succeeding Mr. Stewart after he steps down later this year.”

Here Noah gives a stand-up comedy routine on a school that Oprah Winfrey had built in South Africa.

http://www.oprah.com states:

“It’s a seemingly ordinary August morning, but it will be no ordinary day in the city of Johannesburg. Oprah Winfrey is here to view the new school she has dreamed of for South Africa. Beyond inspecting the handiwork of the builders, she has come to personally select girls for the founding 7th and 8th classes. From poor, troubled backgrounds, these too are no ordinary girls. Many have been hand-chosen by teachers across South Africa for academic excellence and early displays of leadership. On the cusp of adolescence, they are 11, 12, and newly-turned 13 years old.

“At 52, Oprah feels her most important work has just begun. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls—South Africa is an innovative high school whose aim is to discover, teach and inspire young South African girls to become a new generation of leaders.”

Trevor Noah

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Jon Stewart Disgusted by Conservatives’ Response to Fraternity Racism


It said a lot to Jon Stewart that the first apology in the wake of the University of Oklahoma’s racist chant video came not from the men who were leading the chant, but from an Oklahoma linebacker who said he regretted cursing in his reaction to the chant.

Many have been talking about Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s offensive video, something that former members say is not an isolated incident.

The discussion about racism is particularly noteworthy since it comes near the 50th anniversary of the Selma marches.

Some – including some in the media – have been looking for something to blame.