Birthday Balloons In Sweden Confused For I.S. Propaganda

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A Swedish 21-year-old’s birthday celebration was interrupted by the police, who showed up because birthday balloons hung inside next to the window looked like ISIS propaganda. The young woman, Sarah Ericsson, was turning 21, and had balloons in the shape of 21 next to the window. Flip those around, and to people outside the house, it looked an awful lot like “IS,” or the initials for the Islamic State.

Three Anti-Muslim Attacks In One Week

Swedish police started a manhunt recently after the third arson attack against a mosque in a week.

Secular Talk video.

Muslim Street Gangs Have Taken Control of 55 Areas in Sweden

Street gangs mostly composed of Muslims have taken control of 55 areas in Sweden, according to a report released by Swedish police.

The areas are overrun by organized crime and drug dealing and officers frequently face direct attacks when trying to enter them.

The Lip TV looks at how gangs have secured these zones from authorities, and how authorities have been powerless to change the tide.

Video by The Lip TV.