What Is A ‘Sobriety Test’ Like?

Crossing the traffic lanes, not obeying traffic signs, and swerving in the road are some of the reasons you can get pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), according to the Your Erie website.

So what happens when the officer tells you to step behind your vehicle to perform a field sobriety test?

You’ll be asked to follow the tip of a pen with your eyes, put through a heel to toe walk, and then perform a balance test, such as standing on one foot.

You are also given a breathalyzer test to determine how much alcohol is in your system, writes Your Erie.

Police say their reasons for every one of these tests to insure you’re OK to continue driving, or to arrest you for drunk driving.

Police can also use these checks for drugs in your system.

Is Governor Bobby Jindal Creating A ‘Litmus Test’ For Conservatives?

Bobby Jindal

Goveror Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, in an op-ed Thursday in the New York Times writes why multiple corporations have expressed opposition to religious freedom laws that frighten gay-rights advocates.

Those corporations, Jindal says, are being manipulated by left-wing radicals.

“Liberals have decided that if they can’t win at the ballot box,” Jindal writes, “they will win in the boardroom.”

“His point is obvious,” writes nola.com.   “These corporations wouldn’t be taking such a wild and crazy position if they were really controlled by conservatives. Ergo, Big Business must have been taken over by liberals.”

Not only is Jindal suggesting in his op-ed that the gay rights and conservatism are incompatible, and that liberals have taken over the country’s boardrooms, but he’s also revealing some peculiar ideas about the free market.

For example, don’t business leaders have the right to take whatever positions they think will advance their business? Won’t businesses be “punished” for making the “wrong” decisions on gay marriage?

Nola.com makes the point that Governor Jindal seems to be creating a “litmus test” for conservatives.

After criticizing those liberals who he says have taken over the country’s boardrooms and made them hostile to religion and overly zealous about gay rights, Jindal says that “it’s time for corporate America to make a decision.”

Will gay marriage (or “anti-gay marriage”) be a “litmus test” for the Republican party?

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