How Did Uber Fill A Void In The Recessed Economy?

Uber is pioneering the “convenience economy” where instant gratification is the norm and is setting a precedent for other companies to follow.

Writer Leo Mirani has made the argument in Quartz that the on-demand economy is flawed since it’s actually built on income inequality.

Is this model merely a rerun of the oldest sort of business? Gabriel Mizrahi and Jackie Koppell look at arguments for and against Uber.

Video by The Lip TV.

German Taxi Drivers Launch Sting To Serve Injunction On Uber Driver

Uber1They succeeded in bringing the case to court by having an acquaintance of a licensed Frankfurt taxi operator use the Uber app to summon an Uber Pop driver for a “test drive.”

Details of the driver were then passed to the German taxi drivers’ association, and a temporary injunction was to be served on him.

Under the terms of the injunction, the driver faces a €250,000 fine, or a six-month jail sentence, if he offers profit-making services through Uber Pop without a valid passenger transport licence.

In addition, the court ordered the Uber driver to pay costs of around €1,000, but gave him leave to appeal. A second case from a similar sting in Frankfurt is due to come before the courts shortly.

Last month, the Frankfurt Regional Court introduced a country-wide ban on Uber’s popular ride-sharing service, called Uber Pop.  It was the first injunction obtained in the regulatory move against the San Francisco-based company on a national level.

However,Uber said it would continue to operate there, so German taxi drivers’ association took this action to bring this injunction against an Uber partner driver.