Soft-ball Fox News Piece On GOP Hispanic Outreach

How important is the Hispanic/Latino vote for Republicans?  Fox News recently did a segment on “Hispanic outreach.” Some left-wing media outlets have called it a “fluff piece.”

How committed are the right-wing presidential candidates to Hispanic voters?  Will their policies address Hispanics’ concerns?  Does it behoove Republicans to focus on anti-immigration policies?  Will those with anti-immigration policies be able to attract Hispanic voters?

Are Republicans Having Trouble With The Immigration Order?

President Obama’s recent executive order on immigration has been one of the few times that he has been willing to stand up to the Republican Party, and they are, predictably, livid about his decision.

According to Mike Papantonio, he’s made the GOP feel impotent.

Considering the fact that presidents since George Washington have made executive orders, it is difficult to see how his executive orders are illegal.

Mike Papantonio video.

Paul Begala: People Voted For Gridlock

Paul Begala

There’s a good case to be made that people voted for more gridlock in yesterday’s election.

Paul Begala, a former consultant to President Clinton, made that case.

According to him:

“One lesson from the 2014 midterms: Voters love gridlock.”

The Mitch McConnell victory “is not only a victory for McConnell. It is a victory for gridlock and extreme partisanship.”

It was McConnell, after all, who told the National Journal in 2010, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.”

He states that after the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, McConnell vowed to fight “tooth and nail” to block any effort by the President to impose restrictions, including stiffening background checks on gun purchases.

The gun safety law, of course, garnered overwhelming public support; 92% of gun owners supported universal background checks. But thanks to McConnell, the National Rifle Association and its allies were able to defeat the measure.

Begala states, “It was pure McConnell: audacious, partisan, ugly — but successful. It was a strategy McConnell repeated again and again as Obama initiatives crashed into McConnell’s wall of obstructionism.”

“In their wisdom, the voters of the commonwealth of Kentucky have chosen to reward that partisanship and obstructionism. I accept that and honor that. But please don’t tell me voters don’t like partisanship and obstruction in Washington; they just re-elected the king of gridlock.”

Welcome to Mitch McConnell’s world.

Study Shows Politicians Ignore Latinos

According to CNN, Latinos are the fastest growing minority, making up 16% of the nation’s population. In 2012, 71% voted for Barack Obama and 27% voted for Mitt Romney. One might think that all politicians would pay attention to this fast-growing minority group.

Not true, according to Christian Grose, a political scientist at the University of Southern California, and graduate student Matthew Mendez sent emails to 1,871 legislators in 14 states with large Latino populations.

They sent e-mails asking the politicians what kind of documentation they needed to vote. They randomly assigned legislators to get the emails, but some emails came from a “white-sounding” name, and others came from a “latino-sounding” name.

TYT video.