Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the National Summit on Raising Wages conference hosted by the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC. She used the platform to discuss trickle-down economics.

After the midterm election , Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid announced that he had expanded leadership to include a position specifically for Warren to shape the party’s policy and messaging.

Even with this increased power, Warren did not stray from criticizing the Democrats role in crafting the current economic policy.

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Again? Oklahoma Wal-Mart Asks For Food Donations For Employees

An Oklahoma City Wal-Mart is asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers for the holidays, according to a photo posted by the labor-backed coalition Making Change At Wal-Mart.

A sign on the collection bin reads, “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need!!!”

The company drew criticism for similar employee food drives a year ago. At that time, a spokesman characterized the efforts as “part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships.”

David Pakman video.


TYT Video: Wage Theft

Is the CEO of a fast food company really worth 1200 times what the typical worker earns? Does a CEO work 1200 times more hours?

What is wage theft? Wage theft is when a company has you work off the clock, or when the company has you buy your own uniforms, etc. Some franchises commit wage theft when the company headquarters forces them to lower costs.

Recently, fast food workers have gone on strike and filed lawsuits over wage theft and low wages. Over the past couple of years, there have been protests in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Little Rock, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Durham, North Carolina.

Cenk Uygur takes a look at wage theft, and promotes Wolf-Pac.com.