Should The St. Louis Rams Apologize For “Hands Up” Protest During Game?

St. Louis police officers condemned the St. Louis Rams, calling their pre-game display of the “hands up don’t shoot” gesture to be “tasteless, offensive and inflammatory.”

The St. Louis Police Officers Association issued a statement and demanded Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens, and Kenny Britt be punished.

TYT video.

4 thoughts on “Should The St. Louis Rams Apologize For “Hands Up” Protest During Game?

  1. It’s important that the issue continue to be discussed. The “hands up – don’t shoot” gesture goes beyond Ferguson, and has become a useful way to remind people that there are better ways to deal with minor police issues than to kill the suspect or perpetrator.

    Brown was executed for walking (stupidly) down the middle of the street, then using poor judgment in his response to the patrolman, who showed equally poor judgment in how he reacted to Brown’s resistance.

    Maybe he was assaulted, but killing Brown should have been a last option, not the first. (Don’t they have tasers and other nonlethal means of subduing over-grown, belligerent kids and adults?)

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