Cop Stops Black Man For…Walking in the Cold With His Hands in His Pocket

A police officer in the video stops Brandon W. McKean in Pontiac, Michigan for walking outside in the cold with his hands in his pockets.

Majority Report video.

2 thoughts on “Cop Stops Black Man For…Walking in the Cold With His Hands in His Pocket

  1. The sum of the parts…! I’m glad more and more people are making video records of this business because I don’t think a lot of whites (I am a white guy) realize blacks aren’t kidding about getting stopped for nothing other than “black maleness”.

    It can help change the perception of black male problems with police that most others never experience. If it helps police administrators become more aware of the way their subordinates interact with the community, and that helps bring about change from confrontation of men walking in cold weather with their hands in their pockets, for example, to a more intelligent, rational approach to policing, then all the better.

    I wouldn’t make fun of the deputy’s effort to soften the experience with his high five, regardless of how awkward it was. At least he realized he needed to acknowledge the innocence of the guy he stopped in some way, to let him know he was on his side, finally. Goofy but sincere.

    1. But the host also brings up a good point: who called the police on this person? Someone called the police just because a black guy was walking down the street with his hands in his pockets? If it’s cold, I put my hands in my pockets, too.

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