Bizarre: Musician Takes Lie Detector Test To Stop Gay Rumors


Apparently, for years R&B “heart-throb” Johnny Gill has been dogged by rumors of being gay and in a long-term relationship with Hollywood titan Eddie Murphy.

Many people know that the two are close and when neither man ever commented on their friendship, the gossip and speculation was put into overdrive.

Now, Gill has finally decided to address the rumors about something that is actually nobody’s business to begin with.

Gill came in to the show The Breakfast Club on Dec. 12th to promote his new album, Game Changer.

Gill, who’s latest album marks 31 years of being in the solo artist game was frank about his friendship with Murphy, to the behind the scenes shenanigans while taking part of the New Edition reunion tour.

Gill admits to taking a lie detector test to dispel once and for all if he is in fact gay talk about his relationship with Murphy.

According to Gill:

“It wasn’t about the people I wanted to prove it to. I was dating my ex and I remember her coming back to me one day “I’m hearing all this stuff about you and Eddie and I was like “do you believe this” and she goes, “no.” So my thing was I’m not laying in bed next to a woman that i’m supposed to be married to and worried about are you sitting here and having any doubts. For her, I wanted to make sure there was no question. I wrote down questions for her like “ask anything you want.” I wrote down questions as well. We laid it all that and she laid there when we got the results back and said, “I never doubted you.” I sat her down and said, “people talk.”


(Gill talks about it at roughly the 13:01 mark.)

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